1. Your French is getting better every day, you’re doing great !
    I was there before you began learning and saw you progressing, you will soon speak perfect baguette !

    Good luck during lockdown and take care of you

  2. Osprey Publishing is offering 5 free ebooks a week for the next several weeks. They pick the titles.

    For those not familiar, Osprey produces a large range of brief military histories. Nothing awesome, but hey, they’re free.

  3. Thank you for making these suggestions. Most people dream of a month of free time, and now millions have been forced to have it. Make it pay!

  4. Was always told that dry firing was a very bad idea, in particular for rimfires, except for some competition guns designed for. Can use false rounds with springs and false primer or put some hard rubber in the primer pocket..

    • That is an old myth. Any centrefire made in the 21st century (really anything made after the 70s) is fine. Rimfires are dependent on the specific rifle. Example the 10/22 specifically notes that dryfire is not an issue.

      • Bloke on the Range had a question about it, and said of the British army’s Lee-Enfields that they were dry-fired more than they were live-fired.

  5. Indeed, dry firing for most if not all 22s is NOT a good idea. It is generally discouraged. But yes, you can use snap cap or shot out casing.

  6. A few other suggestions — Clean your guns. If you have a collection, and go to the range, you know you have a few at least that need to be cleaned. It won’t cost you anything, because of course you have cleaning supplies if you have guns. Also, if you reload, now is your chance to go through all of those buckets of brass and get some serious reloading done. Assuming you learned from the last shortage and have plenty of components on hand. Learn a new skill — Might I suggest advanced first aid. There are tons of very good information on advanced first aid available on line, and you can practice over and over with the same few bandages since it is just practice.

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