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Teri from NambuWorld.com

While we were at the SAR West show this year, we had the chance to chat with Teri, who runs NambuWorld.com. Teri is a Canadian collector who took a longtime interest in Japan and built a very impressive collection of Japanese firearms and militaria, and her web site is a great source of information on Japanese pistols in particular.

6 comments to Teri from NambuWorld.com

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Ian, thanks for the video. Teri is a realy unique woman !

  • Annika

    I was inspired before, but I’m twice as inspired now! Gotta get collecting!

  • Joseph E de Vicq

    I was there during the making of the video, just finished watching it here at home in San Antonio, and it is a spledid production. Thank you!

  • strongarm

    Thanks Teri for surviving very different and less known Japanese Firearm Approaches.
    In fact, they had done some novel firsts even before Western Techonologie. Nambu 94
    for instance, was the first pistol having a swinging lock piece connected with a
    barrel nested within the slide, as contrast with the common belief that was belonged
    to Walther P 38.

  • MQ Peterson

    Thank you for the report.
    Teri is a fabulous resource for those of us who have interest in Japanese weapons and WWII military culture.
    She also is a fine shot with full automatic weapons.

    • Leszek Erenfeicht

      I’s also add that she’s a marvel of cooperation, when you need some resources. I remember when I was writing an article about Nambu pistols – I had a 14-Shiki pistol to take apart and photo, but I was short on Granpa, Papa and Baby Nambus. It took me just one e-mail to Teri, and all my troubles were forgotten – which took her to photograph her own pistols and get me the s/n 1 Granpa w/ holster-stock photos directly from Japan. And all that within 72 hrs of one e-mail from the half world apart, from a guy she never ever heard of! Thanks again, Teri, you’re a good friend.

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