Vektor H5 Pump Action Galil

November 3, 2016 Ian McCollum 19

This Vektor H5 is one of a handful or semiauto rifles converted to pump action for sale in countries where self-loading rifles are or were restricted (another example is the PAR-3 Romanian pump action AKs […]

Semiauto Rifles

Johnson Model 1941 Rifle

October 3, 2016 Ian McCollum 38

Designed in 1936 by Melvin Johnson, the M1941 Johnson Automatic Rifle was a competitor to the M1 Garand, but not introduced in time to actually be adopted din place of the Garand. Instead, Johnson hoped […]


Remington Model 81 Special Police

September 30, 2016 Ian McCollum 14

The Remington Model 8 was one of the first successful self-loading rifles introduced to the commercial market, and it was designed by none other than John Browning. It was an expensive rifle, but popular for […]

Semiauto Rifles

Gas Trap M1 Garand

September 29, 2016 Ian McCollum 25

The original design of the M1 Garand as adopted in 1936 used a “gas trap” system instead of a gas port drilled in the barrel. This system used a type of muzzle cap and false […]