Listed by language (with year of publication when known)


BAR Base Shop Data (English, 1943)
BAR Instructional Chart (English)
Browning Automatic Machine Rifle Type D manual (English)
Colt R75 A (BAR) Manual (English, 1942)
Field Maintenance Manual BAR M1918A2 (English, 1957)
Field Manual 23 – 15 BAR M1918A2 (English, 1943)
Handbook of the BAR (English, 1918)
Handbook of the M1918 BAR (English, 1918)
Repair Parts and Tools for BAR 1918A2 (English, 1964)
The BAR Illustrated (English)
Bren 303 and 762 User Handbook (English, 1969)
Bren and Browning 303 Straddle Mount Parts List (English, 1944)
Bren Light Machine Gun Description Use and Mechanism (English)
Bren MkII Illustrated Parts List (English, 1942)
Canadian Bren Armorers Manual (English, 1955)
Canadian Bren training manual (English, 1948)
Small Arms Training Vol 1 No 4 Bren LMG (English, 1943)
British L3A3 & L3A4 (Browning 1919), and Tripod M2 & L2A1 Illustrated Parts List (English, 1965)
Browning 1917 Heavy MG Mechanism Made Easy (English)
Browning 1917A1 Shop Manual (English, 1943)
Browning 1919 Basic Field Manual FM 23-45 (English, 1940)
Browning 1919A4 Technical Handbook (English, 1961)
Browning 1919A6 and M37 Manual FM 23-55 (English, 1965 – poor photocopy)
Browning FN 30 Calibre Air Cooled manual (English)
Browning Heavy Machine Gun Model 1917 Mechanism Made Easy (English, 1942)
Browning L3A3 L3A4 Technical Handbook (English, 1964)
Browning M37 Tank Machine Gun Maintenance Manual (English, 1954)
Browning M1919A4 M1919A6 M37 Technical Manual TM 9-1005-212-25 (English, 1969)
Colt Light Aircraft Gun MG40-2 Instructions (English, 1941)
Colt MG38BT tank machine gun manual insert (English, 1942)
FN Model 30 (Browning) Manual (English)
M1919A4 Illustrated Parts List (English, 1942)
M1915 Chauchat Drill-Combat-Mechanism manual (English, 1918)
M1915 Chauchat Mechanical Notes (English, 1918)
M1915 Chauchat Provisional Instruction (English, 1918)
Foreign Weapons DP series manual (English, 1950)
British L7A1 (FN MAG) Technical Handbook (English, 1962)
HK Gun Mounts brochure (English)
HK11 manual (English, 1969)
HK21 Description and Manual (English)
HK21A1 Brochure (English)
Description of the Hotchkiss model 1901 (English)
Handbook of the 303 Hotchkiss Portative Mark I  (English, 1918)
Handbook of the 1909 Benet-Mercie (English, 1916)
Handbook of the 1914 Hotchkiss (English, 1918)
Hotchkiss Aerial Observers Gun manual (English)
Hotchkiss Portable Machine Gun Handbook (English, 1922)
KE7 pamphlet (English)
Handbook of the 303 Lewis Part I (English, 1915)
Handbook of the Savage 1917 Cal 30 Lewis Machine Gun (English)
Lewis Automatic Machine Gun (English)
Lewis Automatic Machine Gun Operation and Use (English, 1917)
Lewis Gun Mechanism Made Easy (English, 1941)
Lewis Machine Gun US Aircraft Type (English)
The Complete Lewis Gunner (English, 1941)
M60 and Tripod Illustrated Parts List (English, 1976)
M60 Field Maintenance Manual (English, 1961)
M60 Manual (English, 1971)
M60 Operators Manual (English, 1981)
Operators Manual M60 M60D (English, 1985)
T52E2 Light Machine Gun Notes (English, 1957)
Technical Manual M60 M60D (English, 1987)
Automatic Standard Arms VI – Madsen LMG and 20mm Cannon (English, 1933)
Automatic Standard Arms VIII – Madsen LMG and 20mm Cannon (English, 1936)
Automatic Standard Arms X – Madsen LMG and 20mm Cannon (English, 1938)
Description of the Madsen Model 1940 (English)
Description of The Madsen Tripod for Madsen Machine Gun (English)
Madsen 1904 1912 comparison (English)
Madsen Illustrated Parts List (English, French, Spanish, German)
Madsen Machine Rifle Manual (English)
Madsen Saetter Mk 4 Manual (English)
Madsen Saetter MkII Manual (English)
Madsen Synchronization mechanism (Spanish 1933)
Rexer Automatic Machine gun (English)
Handbook of the Maxim Automatic Gun (English, 1899)
Handbook of the Colt Automatic Machine Gun (Digger) (English, 1916)
Marlin Automatic Machine Gun Manual (Digger) (English)
Marlin Gun Quad Mount Construction and Handling (English)
Kynoch Machine Gun (Schwarzlose) manual (English, 1907)
Schwarzlose 1907 manual (English)
Engineering Design Changes Report Stoner 63 System (English)
Report on Stoner 63 Weapons System (English)
Stoner 63 MMG manual (English)
Stoner 63 System sales brochure (English)
Stoner 63A LMG manual (English)
Stoner 63A Rifle manual (English)
Vickers Type F Aircraft Gun manual (English, plates cut off)
Vickers tripods (English)
Vickers Machine Gun Mechanism Made Easy (English, 1940)
Vickers Machine Gun 1915 and Tripod manual (English, 1918)
Vickers Class A air cooled manual (English)
Vickers Berthier Machine Rifle Model 1928-29 manual (English)
Vickers and Tripod Parts List (English, 1950)
Vickers Aircraft Machine Gun Service Handbook (English, 1920)
US MkI Vickers Illustrated Parts List (English, 1941)
Small Arms Training Vol 1 No 7 – Vickers Machine Gun Supplement (English, 1940)
Small Arms Training Vol 1 No 7 – Vickers Machine Gun Part 3 (English, 1944)
Small Arms Training Vol 1 No 7 – Vickers Machine Gun Part 2 (English, 1939)
Small Arms Training Vol 1 No 7 – Vickers Machine Gun Part 1 (English, 1941)
Small Arms Training Vol 1 No 7 – Vickers Machine Gun Part 1 (English, 1939)
Inspection Standards for MkI Vickers (English, 1951)
Handbook of the Vickers M1915 (English, 1918)
Handbook of the US Vickers Machine Gun (English, 1918)
Guide for the 303 Vickers Machine Gun (English)
Guide for the 303 In Vickers Machine Gun (English, 1915)
Handbook of the Vickers-Berthier LMG (English)
Handbook for the Vickers Gas Operated No1 MkI and mounts (English, 1943)
Vickers Gas Operated MkI Descriptive Handbook (English, 1943)
ZB 26 manual (English – poor photocopy)
ZB 30 Manual (English – poor photocopy)
Beardmore-Farquhar Model 1924 manual (English)
Besa MG (8mm and 15mm) Instructions for Armorers (English, 1931)
Breda Model 30 manual (English, 1941)
CETME Special Purpose Assault Machinegun (AMELI) descriptive handbook (English)
Colt CMG-2 Manual (English, 1971)
Eriksen Machine Gun notes (English)
Farquhar Model 1934 and 50cal Manual (English)
Finnish LS 26-32 manual (English, 1933)
FN Minimi XM249 manual (English, 1979)
Handbook on Machine Gun Cart Model 1917 (English, 1918)
Hefah V Machine Gun Preliminary Manual (English, 1943)
Hughes Heligun EX17 Proposal (English, 1966)
Laird Menteyne Degaille Machine Gun manual (English)
M73 and M219 Machine Gun Armorers Manual (English, 1972)
M73 and M219 Machine Gun Operators Manual (English, 1974)
M85 .50 Caliber Fixed Machime Gun Operators Manual (English, 1984)
M85 .50 Caliber Fixed Machine Gun Armorers Manual (English, 1985)
Perino Machine Gun manual (English and French)
PKM Operators manual (English, 1979)
SIG MG710 brochure (English)
SIG MG710 manual (English)
SIG MG710-3 brochure (English)
Ultimax 100 Brochure (English)
Ultimax 100 Operations and Maintenance (English – missing a few pages)
XM248 Technical Manual (English, 1979)


AA52 manual (French, 1956)
AA52 N-F1 Fusil Mitrailleur (French)
AA52 N-F1 manual (French, 1964)
FND Parts Catalog (Dutch and French, 1959)
FN30 Aircraft gun manual (French)
Dutch FN MAG M2 and M3 Parts Catalog (French and Dutch, 1972)
Description of the Hotchkiss 1914 (French)
Hotchkiss 1914 Manual (French, 1920)
Hotchkiss 1922 manual (French)
Hotchkiss MH5 manual (French)
Hotchkiss Portative Description (French)
Fusil Mitrailleur KE7 Overview (French)
Madsen Illustrated Parts List (English, French, Spanish, German)
MG42 manual (French)
Vickers Type E Aircraft Gun manual (French)
Vickers Berthier Model 1924-25 manual (French)
Darne Mle 1923 manual (French, 1923)
Johnson LMG Model 1944 (French)
Le Fusil Mitrailleur LMG25 (French, 1956)
MAC Mle 1931 Manual (French, 1953)
Perino Machine Gun manual (English and French)


Chauchat M1915 manual (Italian, 1942)
Schwarzlose 1907-12 Manual (Italian, 1932)
Mitrailleuse Lourde Schwarzlose M24 (Italian)
Fiat-Revelli 1935 Manual (Italian, 1941)
Terni MG (Breda 30) Manual (Italian)
Villar Perosa manual (Italian, 1916)


Degtyarev DTM manual (Russian, 1962)
RP46 Manual (Russian, 1949)
RPD Armorers Manual (Russian, 1954)
RPD Repair manual (Russian, 1958)
Lewis Machine Gun Description (Russian, 1924)
Lewis Machine Gun manual (Russian, 1916)
Lewis Machine Gun manual (Russian, 1918)
Lewis Machine Gun manual (Russian, 1919)
Maxim 1910 Repair Manual (Russian, 1958)
1910 Maxim Armorer’s Manual (Russian, 1947)
MG34 manual (Russian, 1941)
MG42 manual (Russian, 1942)
Afanasyev A-12,7 Aircraft Machine Gun manual (Russian, 1969)
NSV Heavy MG manual (Russian, 1978)
SGM Goryunov manual (Russian, 1968)


FND Parts Catalog (Dutch and French, 1959)
Dutch FN MAG M2 and M3 Parts Catalog (French and Dutch, 1972)
MG08 08-13 08-15 Manual (Dutch, 1938)


M21 M37 Swedish BAR Illustrated Parts List (Swedish, 1950)
M37 Swedish BAR manual (Swedish, 1961)
Kulspruta m36 lv dbl (Browning) manual (Swedish, 1966)
Kulspruta m36 mark (Browning) manual (Swedish, 1963)
Kulspruta m42B (Browning) Manual (Swedish, 1957)
MAG-58 manual (Swedish, 1959)


Mitraillier-Gewehr KE7 Anleitung und Handhabung (German – some plates cut off)
Leichtes Maschinengewehr KE7 (German)
Madsen LMG and 20mm Cannon (German, 1938)
Madsen Illustrated Parts List (English, French, Spanish, German)
MG08-15 and 08-18 manual  (German, 1935)
Bildtafeln des MG34 (German, 1943)
MG34 Lafette Mount manual (German, 1943)
Instruktion Maschinengewehr Schwarzlose M1907 (German, 1913)
MG26(t) manual (ZB) (German, 1941 – poor photocopy)
MG26(t) parts list (German, 1941)
Das Leichte Maschinengewehr LMG25 (German, 1940)
St Etienne 1907 manual (German, 1916)
Swiss MG38 twin airgraft machine gun manual (German, 1945)


Hotchkiss 1914 Manual (Spanish, 1950)
Fusil Ametralladora KE7 Report (Spanish)
Argentine Madsen Model 1926 Illustrated Parts List (Spanish)
Madsen Synchronization mechanism (Spanish 1933)
Madsen Aircraft Synchronizer Manual (Spanish)
Madsen Aircraft Synchronizer Manual (Spanish)
Madsen Illustrated Parts List (English, French, Spanish, German)
Ametralladora Schwarzlose Modelo 24 (Spanish)
Solothurn S2-200 brief manual (Spanish)
Solothurn S2-200 manual (Spanish)
Solothurn S2-200 packing manual (Spanish)
Solothurn S7-300 tripod manual (for S2-200 machine gun) (Spanish)
ZB30 Manual (Spanish)
Ametralladora ZB 50 Mod 32 (Spanish)
Mendoza LMG manual (Spanish, 1948)
MG13 Dreyse manual (Spanish, 1945)
Oviedo Coruña MG manual (Spanish)
SIG MG50 manual (Spanish)
ZB 80 Aircraft Gun (Spanish)


Type 11 manual (Japanese)
Type 92 manual (Japanese)
Type 96 manual (Japanese)


Hotchkiss 1914 manual (Polish, 1921)


M53 (MG42) manual (Croatian, 1971)
M84 (PK) manual (Croatian, 1989)

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