More Ammo Documents

Continuing with the stash of ammunition documents from Robert, we have two more today (this is making me feel a bit like WikiLeaks…).

First up is a German pamphlet on WWII airborne weapons ammo. This is a 250+ document with a ton of technical information on cartridges from 8mm up to 50mm (mostly 20mm and 30mm), including ballistics tables for a ton of different projectiles, diagrams, and additional sections on things like primers and fuses. It is written in German, but the tabulated data is easy enough to understand whether you can read the text or not.

Handbook of Airborne Weapons Ammunition 1936-1945 (German)
Handbook of Airborne Weapons Ammunition 1936-1945 (German)


For folks who don’t read German, we also have a British-published handbook on German and Italian munitions. This one is a bit more specialized, focusing on larger ordnance (mostly 75mm), but has good diagrams and explanations of fuses and detonators. It is also shorter, at just 56 pages.

Handbook of Enemy Ammunition, Pamphlet No. 7 (English, 1943)
Handbook of Enemy Ammunition, Pamphlet No. 7 (English, 1943)


  1. Being composed of tables and diagrams, the Aircraft Weapons manual isn’t hard to figure out even if you don’t read German. Although if you’re wondering what “glaspulver” is (in primers), that’s “glass powder”, i.e. ground glass.

    A good German/English dictionary, or Google Translate, will take care of any problems pretty quickly.

    Thank you for posting these, Ian.



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