First shots: New Reproduction FG-42 1st Model from SMG Guns

Many years ago, SMG Guns introduced a reproduction FG-42 rifle, a semiauto version of the 2nd model as made by Germany during World War Two. After several more years of development, they have now shipped the first of their 1st model FG0-42 semi autos. There are several significant differences between the two – the 1st model was a milled receiver rifle with a stamped sheet metal stock, a very distinctively steep pistol grip, and a bipod mounted on the gas block. The 2nd model used a stamped receiver, wooden stock, bipod on the front sight block, and a few other differences.

Today I am trying out the new 1st model rifle. It is chambered for 8mm Mauser, and uses ZB-26 20-round magazines. I have been waiting a very long time for this rifle, and I’m very excited to finally have my hands on it!


    • He is lucky. Try to get one and you will see that SMG does not exist apparently. Only and old internet site but about talking business cero posibilities

  1. Looks like successful reproduction of a phenomenal rifle. It is great that an independent business makes them available to dedicated enthusiast.

  2. Great reproduction and a harder one to get right when compared to the 2nd model FG-42, which SMG Guns choose to do first. I am envious, Ian!

  3. Thanks for dispelling that rumour about the FG42 1st pattern, grip angle.
    I have fired a German-made FG42-1 replica and thuroughly enjoyed it!

    Master Corporal (retired) Rob Warner, CD, BA, Canadian Froces basic para wings and West German Army Bronze paratrooper wings. 6,000 jumps in total

    • Hope you have shiny new knees & hips.

      Ian, thanks for the video, this is the meat & potatoes we look for here. Maybe you could do a field strip & contrast it w/ your previous video?

  4. Thanks for the video as my type 1 is on order. Can hardly wait especially as Rick and his team are doing a “one off” straight pull version to meet UK gun laws. (No semi auto full bore rifles allowed over here)
    The type 2 he made for me is brilliant. Loved his users DVD that came with it -Texas humour!

  5. Well that is a beautiful rifle!!! Is that your sweet yellow Jeep? Looks good too! Can’t wait to see the rifle in a match, looks like it shoots really well. Keep up the good work Ian!!

  6. According to origin story of this weapon is as follow:
    During Unternehmen Merkur units under Generalmajor Student suffered severe losses, which prompted him to investigate causes and provide recommendations to avoid similar situation in future. One of them was to provide weapon, which will combine abilities of hand-held Stutzen with pistol grip, sub-machine gun, rifle and hand-held machine gun, but being no heavier than 98k

    These were tight requirements by 1940s fire-arms standard, so I suspect that maybe odd grip pistol is actually caused by weight consideration? Though I do not know if it is lighter than compared to normal pistol grip.

    • True about the requirements for the rifle (read much like for an assault rifle), but my thinking has always been that the grip was angled this way in the first pattern to get lower to the ground and make packing for a parachute jump easier. To fit in the harness that normally fit a K98k e.g.

  7. Ian, you did not bring a spinner target. 🙁 An FG42 should work really well throwing 10,2 g very fast against the plates should do the flip. 😉

  8. Rick Smiths and co still about.
    Last communication,a few days ago, was that that “Covid” had hit them and their supply chain and that those of us on the waiting list might expect deliveries from December onwards. It’s a waiting game and IMO well worth it – having got one of his FG-2 guns I’m on the list for type 1.
    SMG even made my type 2 as a “straight pull” to meet UK Gun Laws. (no seme-auto full bore rifles allowed)

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