Would you like to see your site advertised on ForgottenWeapons? We are looking for a limited number of quality, reputable companies to work with. ForgottenWeapons attracts a highly targeted readership with a high level interest in gun collecting and shooting. If that sounds like a group you would like to have exposed to your site, then read on…

Not your typical advertising model

Our advertising policy is simple and straightforward – no gimmicks. Ad banners are displayed on the right side of the site, on every page of the site. Banners (220 x 100 pixels) rotate once per space per week, so every sponsor will have an equal amount of time in the top slot and the bottom slot. Pricing is a flat rate, with discounts for long-term sponsors.

Only 10 Spaces Available

Advertisers on Forgotten Weapons are an exclusive group – we will not accept just anyone for sponsorship, and we limit the advertising to 10 companies. Advertising with us is a personal endorsement from us, and we will not keep an advertiser who fails to give their customers the best service. Our readers know that they can trust someone they see working with us, and that means better results for you – if you measure up.

 Pricing is as follows…

  • 1 Full Year (12 months) is only $2000.00 (just 167 dollars per month)
  • 6 Months is only $1050.00 (just 175 dollars per month)
  • 3 Months is only $600.00 (just 200 dollars per month)

To Apply as an Advertiser

1.  Email the page you want your banner to link to and a copy of the banner you plan to use to admin@forgottenweapons.com.  Also include the term you want to initially sign up for.

2.  If we are not familiar with your company, our staff will research your business reputation on the net and among our acquaintances in the industry. We consider an advertisement to be our personal endorsement, and we will not work with a less than reputable advertiser.

3. If you pass muster and are accepted (which won’t take more than 2 or 3 days) we will notify you and let you know where to send payment via PayPal or by check (we will not delay adding your banner for a check – we won’t be working with folks who bounce checks in the first place).

4.  Within 24 hours of receipt of your funds and your ad banner, we will begin running your banner for the agreed upon term.

Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising

Question – I don’t have a 220 x 100 banner, can you make one for me?

Answer – We can create a basic banner for you free of charge – although we recommend that you use a professional graphic artist for best results.


Question– Do banners need to be static?

Answer – No, you can use an animated banner – though we ask that you keep the flash below epileptic seizure levels. A tasteful changing image can be a good way to attract attention, as can a well-designed static image.


Question – Where should my banner link to?

Answer – While there is nothing wrong with having your banner link directly to the home page of your web site, we recommend using a separate landing page. This would be a page allowing visitors to sign up for your email newsletter if you have one, and display current specials or other items that will get a new visitor’s attention right away.


Question – How much traffic will I get from Forgotten Weapons?

Answer – There is no way we can guarantee any specific traffic volume because your products, banner design, and position in the banner rotation will have a large effect on this. However, ForgottenWeapons receives an average of 6,000 visitors per day (and growing each month), and if you have interesting and competitively priced products our readers will take note and bring you their business.


We would like to thank Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast for his great podcast and invaluable advise and expertise in developing Forgotten Weapons into the site it is today.

– Ian McCollum, ForgottenWeapons Admin