The Forgotten Weapons team is a small group of self-described gun nuts. We are passionate about firearm design, manufacture, and history. We travel the world studying rare firearms, and we would like to share our passion with anyone else who shares it.

We believe that one of the best things that can be done to improve the community of technical firearms enthusiasts is to make information as freely available as possible. Most information about firearms development remains on paper and microfilm in inaccessible collections. We want to publish as much as we can, to prevent this information from being lost forever. So, we created this site to be a repository for everything we can unearth – trials reports, details photographs, original manuals, and more. It is all available completely free of charge, and will always remain that way.

While information is valuable for its own sake, we at Forgotten Weapons are more than archivists. We are also manufacturers, and we build new museum-quality replicas of the weapons we research. Our passion is for the guns themselves, not mass production – so we only produce limited numbers of each item. In addition to complete guns, we also have various unique reproduction parts available in our store. We want to be able to own and shoot some of these lost treasures, and we offer that possibility to you too.