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The Vault

Ammunition Documents III

Continuing through the trove of ammunition documents we recently got from Robert, we have three more manuals for you today. These are getting a bit more specific in their topics as we move through the collection, so I’m posting three instead of just two.

First up, a 1943 German manual on 75mm ammunition for captured [...]

More Ammo Documents

Continuing with the stash of ammunition documents from Robert, we have two more today (this is making me feel a bit like WikiLeaks…).

First up is a German pamphlet on WWII airborne weapons ammo. This is a 250+ document with a ton of technical information on cartridges from 8mm up to 50mm (mostly 20mm and [...]

Margolin Target Pistols (Video)



Margolin semiauto pistol manual (Russian, 1952)

Margolin semiauto pistol technical manual (Russian, 1959)

Margolin semiauto pistol technical description and user manual (Russian, 1976)


British and Japanese Ammo Docs

We have a couple more ammunition-related documents today, both in English this time (and courtesy of reader Robert). First up is the short one, a 21-page leaflet on Japanese ammunition markings. It was written just after the end of the war, for use by bomb disposal crews to be able to recognize all the various [...]

Ammunition Documents

Courtesy of reader Robert, we have a couple documents for you today. First up is a British 1918 manual on identifying different types of ammunition by projectile, case, and packaging markings. Given the variety of artillery in Commonwealth use by that time, I’m sure this manual was a welcome source of information for new ordnance [...]

Johnson M1944E1 LMG

In addition to his work on designing a basic infantry shoulder rifle, Melvin Maynard Johnson and put a lot of effort into creating a light machine gun for US military forces to use. In terms of US military usage, he was actually more successful with the LMG than the rifle – the Johnson M1941 LMG [...]

Vickers Cal .30 Parts List

Presented for general reference: An illustrated parts list for the .30-06 caliber Vickers machine gun and accessories. Complete with translations between English and American!

Vickers cal .30-06 Parts List

Dutch Bren Manual

Dutch forces during and well after World War II used the excellent Bren LMG (and the Dutch Artillerie-Inrichtingen factory at Hembrug made Bren parts as well). So, it should come as no surprise that they would have written a Dutch-language manual for the weapon. Which is slightly more surprising is that I happen to [...]

Swiss ZfK-55: Manuals and More

Thanks to several readers, I have some more material on the Swiss ZfK-55 sniper rifle today. To start off, Beryl sent this vintage photo of a group of Swiss troops with a ZfK-55 (and a big ol’ rifle grenade as well):

click to enlarge

Next up, we have a couple manuals for the rifle. [...]

Borchardt C93 Manual

The C93 Borchardt was the first truly commercially successful self-loading pistol, and it was the basis for the P08 Luger which would become one of the most iconic pistols in history.

For some reason, they put the cheekpiece on the wrong side…

I had the opportunity to handle a couple Borchardts a while back, [...]