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Carl Gustaf manual

April 13, 2011 Ian McCollum 4

Some other projects are preventing me from having the time to write much this week, so I’ll be posting a few more manuals before we get back to some more photo sets. Today, I’ve got […]

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German FG-42

April 1, 2011 Ian McCollum 4

The FG42 (Fallschirmjagergewehr, in the German tradition of making four little words into one big word) was a rifle ahead of its time, made in small numbers for German parachute troops during WWII. As a […]

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Madsen M50 manual

March 23, 2011 Ian McCollum 4

The Danish Madsen firm (Dansk Industri Syndikat) just never quite hit the big-time. They built lots of interesting, good firearms, but never quite came up with something that became really iconic.  The M/50 is a […]

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PPSh Technical Manual

March 18, 2011 Ian McCollum 2

It’s a bit of a slow day here today – but we do have a new manual for you. It’s a 1956 edition of the Soviet armorer’s manual for the PPSh-41 and PPS-43. Everything you […]

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Submachine Guns

Chinese Type 64 suppressed SMG

March 14, 2011 Ian McCollum 0

Ever since 7.62×25 Tokarev ammo showed up dirt cheap on the market here in the US, people have been hankering for a light, handy carbine to shoot it. We’ve seen a few such guns show […]

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Light MGs

Vickers LMG

March 2, 2011 Ian McCollum 1

I almost feel bad posting these photos without a bit more information to go along with them, but they’re just too cool not to. So before I say more, take a look at this: Do […]

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General Purpose MGs

Madsen-Saetter manual

February 28, 2011 Ian McCollum 3

Unfortunately, the Danish firm Madsen had a hard time getting many of its firearms to be widely accepted. The most successful was the early LMG, and also the M50 submachine gun. But many Madsen designs […]