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Book Review: H&R Arms Co 1871-1986

Harrington and Richardson is not a particularly exciting gun company, and never has been. They didn’t make flashy and dramatic guns, or distinctive guns that because associated with military forces or battles (although they did make M1 and M14 rifles for the US Army). What H&R did was much more down-to-earth. They made affordable, practical [...]

Book Review: The Burgess Long Range Repeating Rifle Model 1878

I’ve been getting curious to learn more about Andrew Burgess and his seldom-recognized guns, and took a look to see what books might be available on the subject. As it turns out, there are basically only two – one is readily available and inexpensive, and the other is out of print and costs more than [...]

Book Review: Out of Nowhere

I have been slowly trying to improve my education on sniper rifles, with the goal of putting together a series of videos on some of the interesting historical ones I have access to. On the recommendation of a friend, Martin Pegler’s Out of Nowhere: A History of the military sniper (General Military) was one of [...]

Book Review: Handloader’s Manual of Cartridge Conversions

John and Judy Donnelly have published a pretty cool book for those of us who like to shoot oddball guns – The Handloader’s Manual of Cartridge Conversions. It is not a reloading manual in the typical sense, but rather a reference for using commercially available (or at least less uncommon) cartridge cases to create unavailable [...]

Book Review: Winchester Model 07 Self-Loading .351 Caliber

The full title of this recently-published monograph by Leonard Speckin is actually Winchester Model 07 Self-Loading .351 Caliber: Its Past and Its Future with Modern Brass, Bullets and Powders. There is very little modern published information on the Winchester Self-Loaders (the 1905 in .35 cal, the 1907 in .351 cal, and the 1910 in .401 [...]

Book Review: Bullets by the Billion

Bullets by the Billion is a short book (77 small pages of large print) written by one Wesley Stout and published by the Chrysler Corporation on 1946. It was a company project to commemorate the feat of ammunition production performed by Chrysler during World War II. And an impressive feat it was – between June [...]

Book Review: Mauser Bolt Rifles by Olsen

Ludwig Olsen’s Mauser Bolt Rifles is one of the foundational reference books on the Mauser rifle, and deserves a place in the library of any bolt action rifle enthusiast. Olsen studies the rifle from its early single-shot, black powder beginnings through its ultimate expression as the Model 98, and the various offshoot models adopted by [...]

Book Review: The Siamese Mauser (Banzai Special Project #1)

The Banzai group of Japanese weapon collectors has been around for a long time – they began publishing their newsletter in 1982 (actually, that makes the newsletter older than I am, to some peoples’ chagrin). In 1987 they published the first of what would become many Special Projects – books on specific subjects related to [...]

Book Review: MAGNUM – The S&W .357 Magnum Phenomenon

Today we’re looking at one of the most recent additions to the Collector Grade ensemble: Tim Mullin’s MAGNUM: the S&W .357 Magnum Phenomenon. It’s a very good history of one of American’s iconic handguns:

You can pick up a copy from Collector Grade directly, or off Amazon.com:


Book Review: The M1 Garand Rifle

I have been procrastinating the addition of a good book on the M1 Garand rifle into my own library, reading the various published material off of friends’ shelves. Now I’m glad that I have put off the purchase, because hot off the presses is a new tome by Bruce Canfield, a 900-page encyclopedia on the [...]