1. Thank you Ian. Any scale Bergmann plans out there? I would like to build a full scale model. The frame seems fairly easy as it looks like flat plate and could be cut out with a laser/water cutter. I did this with a Chauchat and it turned out great.

    • The early Bergmann pistols demonstrated that the concept of a self-loading handgun manufactured in bulk was possible but the crafting techniques of the day had yet to produce an instance of the concept which would function well given non-ideal conditions. By the way, what became of the Chauchat?

      En-bloc clips aren’t that expensive to produce, but are they cheap to replace for non-military applications? Most guys on the street during the late 19th Century would balk at the idea of having to purchase ammunition AND “bullet carriers” to go with a handgun. Why bother with something like that when a good double-action revolver (like the Gasser Montenegrin) was available? Get a gun, get ammo, and that’s it. The issue of expenses related to “disposable ammunition holders” were also used to disparage detachable magazines.

      Did I mess up?

      • “Did I mess up?”
        In that time (mid 1890s) no-one was sure how automatic pistol should (or shouldn’t) look. In area of magazine/feed system repeating repeating rifle – at that time detachable magazine rarer were and often if were they were not designed as default method of loading rifle (see SMLE rifle – default loading with clips)

        “idea of having to purchase ammunition AND “bullet carriers” to go with a handgun”
        Speed or reload comes at cost.

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