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Bolt Action Rifles

Assessment of a ZF-41 Optic

December 31, 2014 Ian McCollum 20

The ZF-41 was a tiny 1.5x optic made in large numbers by Germany during WWII. It is a long eye relief design, mounting over the rear sight of a K98k, and allowing unimpeded up for […]

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Movie Review: White Tiger

December 30, 2014 Ian McCollum 30

If you are interested in WWII tank films, you have very likely watched Fury by now. It is a technical masterpiece of material authenticity, right down to the genuine Tiger used in several scenes – […]

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Single Shot Rifles

Martini-Henry I.C.1 Carbine (Video)

December 29, 2014 Ian McCollum 32

Formally adopted in 1877, the I.C.1 Martini Henry was formally designated the “Arms Interchangeable, Carbine Breech loading Rifled, with clearing rod Martini Henry Mk1”. The word “interchangeable” refers to its use for both the artillery […]

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EM-2 Rifle Manual

December 24, 2014 Ian McCollum 13

I recently got an email from a reader who had scanned the EM-2 manual section from the back of Thomas Dugelby’s EM2 Concept and Design and sent it to me. I thanked him (although I […]

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Savage Prototype .25ACP (Video)

December 23, 2014 Ian McCollum 9

So, this is a video I took over a year ago, and then lost track of – a prototype .25ACP Savage pistol. It is plain blowback, not using the rotating-barrel mechanism of the mainstream .32 […]

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December 21, 2014 Ian McCollum 7

For anyone who may be interested, I’ve done a couple more podcasts in recent days. Karl and I both were on the most recent Gun Nation show, talking about the modernized FG-42 we have been […]