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The Vault

Rexim-Favor SMG

The Rexim-Favor was a Spanish-made, Swiss-marketed, and allegedly French-designed submachine gun produced during the 1950s. Only about 5000 were made in total, as the gun failed to procure any significant military or police contracts. Mechanically, it was a pretty typical submachine gun, using a simple blowback mechanism chambered for 9mm Parabellum ammunition. It [...]

SIG KE-7 Photos

The KE-7 was a short-recoil, open-bolt light machine gun developed by SIG Neuhausen between the World Wars. It was offered for sale in basically any cartridge a nation might request, and were sold primarily to China and Latin America. I have a full Vault page on the KE-7 with a number of manuals, and today [...]

2-Gun Match: Swiss K31 (Video)

I’ve been looking forward to shooting one of the local 2-Gun Action Challenge Matches with a Swiss straight-pull rifle for a while now, and had the chance this past weekend. I was debating between using a Gewehr 1911 (the older style long rifle) or the K31 (newer carbine variant), and so I left it up [...]

Swiss Straight-Pull First Impressions

I recently picked up several Swiss rifles from Simpson Ltd (who has a who bunch of them, and all listed individually so you can choose the exact rifle you want). The Swiss used an evolving series of straight-pull rifles and carbines from 1889 into the 1970s, when the last K31 carbines were finally retired from [...]

Swiss Stripper Clips?

I’m getting in a selection of Swiss straight-pull rifles to do some shooting and video work with, and to my surprise it looks like everybody is sold out of them (Numrich, Sarco, Liberty Tree, etc). Only Northridge has them in stock, and they want $20 each (gak!). If anyone has a few they would be [...]

Swiss ZfK-55: Manuals and More

Thanks to several readers, I have some more material on the Swiss ZfK-55 sniper rifle today. To start off, Beryl sent this vintage photo of a group of Swiss troops with a ZfK-55 (and a big ol’ rifle grenade as well):

click to enlarge

Next up, we have a couple manuals for the rifle. [...]

Swiss ZfK-55 Sniper (Video)

At the Rock Island Auction last month, there were several Swiss ZfK-55 sniper rifles up for sale. The rifle is basically a K31 action, with a bunch of modifications to convert it into a very nice marksman’s rifle. The more obvious changes are the muzzle brake (very reminiscent of the second model FG-42, which makes [...]

So Many Machine Guns!

Not too long ago, a pretty serious machine gun collector named Richard Wray passed away, and his estate is auctioning off his collection, which includes 80-odd transferable machine guns – nearly all of them very interesting historical pieces.

I won’t get into my personal thoughts on the merits of leaving one’s collection to the auction [...]

Danuvia 39M

None of Pál D. Király’s guns achieved monumental fame, but he had a long and successful career as a weapons design engineer and became one of those few gun designers who developed a novel operating system to the degree that his name has become directly associated with it. The idea he came up with was [...]

Swiss MG94 Maxim

When Hiram Maxim began building his machine gun, the standard cartridges of the day were still large (.45 caliber or thereabouts) black powder rounds. Maxim’s early “World Standard” guns were designed around these rounds, and it was one of them that he took to an 1887 Swiss Army trial in Thun to compete against a [...]