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Followup on IMA’s “Family Guns” TV Show

In the last couple days, I have had a couple folks tell me privately that I’m being too harsh on IMA, and shouldn’t have commented on their upcoming TV show “Family Guns” without having seen a full episode of it. As you can read in the comments to my initial post, Alex Cranmer has assured […]

“Jersey Combat” – New TV Show about IMA

All I could do was groan and shake my head when I saw an ad for IMA‘s upcoming new TV show in their latest Shotgun News ad. We know a TV program was in the works, but this was the first sort of detail I’d seen about it. Come on, “Jersey Combat”? Really? And more […]

Book Review: Guns of the Ghurkas / Treasure is Where You Find it

Today we’re looking at two books on the subject of Nepalese firearms. The video goes a bit longer than usual, but the story behind these books is a really cool one – a lost time capsule of thousands of firearms showcasing 150 years of arms development.

The Gahendra rifle we got from IMA to […]