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Vintage Saturday: For Queen and Country

Remember, chaps…whatever happens, we have got the Maxim gun, and they have not. (click to enlarge)

I am not familiar with this style of handy card table Maxim mount.


Book Review: Modern Military Bullpup Rifles

Today we’re looking at one of the earlier books printed by Collector Grade, Thomas Dugelby’s Modern Military Bullpup Rifles:

Unfortunately, this work is very much out of print. You can find a couple exorbitantly priced copies on Amazon, but beyond that you’ll have to watch eBay and gun shows if you want to find […]

Australian Weapons Identification

Thanks to reader and gunsmith Robert, we have today a copy of a 1945-dated Australian weapons identification list. If you have an Australian Lithgow Enfield, this is a great parts reference, as it shows very nice exploded views of all the main rifles used by the Australian armed services in WWII (including the No3 MkI(T) […]