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The Vault

Bolt Action Systems

Thanks to Robert, we have a series of high-resolution scans showing cutaway diagrams of a bunch of the major bolt-action systems. Very cool to look at – thanks Robert!

Lee (labeled “Lee-Speed” because John Speed contributed many improvements to the magazine, sights, and other parts of the rifle)


Mannlicher (1886 pattern, [...]

Bergmann M1910 and 1910/21 Pistol

We come now to the final chapter in the Bergmann pistol saga – the Danish M1910 and 1910/21 pistols. When Pieper (AEP) in Belgium contracted to build the 1908 Bergmanns for Spain, they also got the rights to build the guns under license for commercial sale. Bergmann’s own company had decided to get out of [...]

Looking for a Bergmann 1910?

I’ve always had a crush on the Bergmann 1910 pistol, and I’ve posted about them enough that people looking to sell them often seem to find my comments. Today, for example, I have a gun shop in Texas – Outlaw Guns – that has one on consignment from a customer. Randy there sent me a [...]

The Husqvarna M 40 Pistol

Today we have a guest post by Peter Rasmussen on some of the history of the Husqvarna M40 pistol, also commonly called the Lahti. We will cover the mechanical aspects of the pistol in a later post, but this information from Peter is an excellent overview of the different markings found on different batches of [...]

Madsen 1888 and 1896 Self-Loading Rifles

It is often said that the 1907 Mondragon was the first self-loading rifle formally adopted by a military, but it turns out this is not quite accurate. In fact, the 1896 Madsen-Rasmussen rifle was produced and adopted more than 10 years earlier (although only in small numbers).

M1888 Forsøgsrekylgevær

Development of the weapon that would [...]

Semiauto Madsen LMG Video

The Madsen light machine gun is note-worthy for several reasons – it was the first military-issue light machine gun developed and it was successful enough to remain in production into the 1950s (long after every WWI-era machine gun was long out of production). It was also one of the most usual machine gun mechanisms ever [...]

Monthly 2-Gun Action Challenge Match

In addition to studying and researching unusual firearms, I enjoy shooting, and like to take any opportunity I can get to get trigger time with the more obscure designs out there. The local 2-Gun Action Challenge Match gives me a great opportunity each month to try out a new firearm in an environment designed to [...]

The TZ-45: Italy’s Late-War SMG with a Special Safety

Today’s article is another guest piece from Michael Heidler, author of several very useful books for the collector. This time, he is taking a look at the Italian TZ-45 submachine gun, and it’s unusual implementation of a magazine safety:

The TZ-45: Italy’s Late-War SMG with a Special Safety

by Michael Heidler

Italy and [...]

Madsen Lightweight Military Rifle

The M47 Madsen “Lightweight Military Rifle” was the last military bolt action rifle designed to be a primary infantry rifle, and it is a bit hard to see just who Madsen thought they could sell it to. The rifle was designed in the late 1940s and was available for sale in 1951, evidently marketed [...]

Vintage Saturday: Danish Technical

Can’t you just see these zipping around piles of burning tires in the streets of Copenhagen?

Yep, it’s a 20mm Madsen automatic cannon – circa 1936. And check out that bull bar in front!