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FN Model D (BAR)

The FN Model D was the most fully developed variant of the venerable Browning Automatic Rifle. Introduced in 1932 by Fabrique Nationale (with whom Browning had collaborated extensively prior to his death in 1926), the FN-D had a number of significant improvements over the standard BAR. It used a pistol grip instead of a traditional […]

Tonight on Top Shot: the BAR

I really enjoy watching Top Shot, and the BAR will be great fun to see tonight on the show. Yes, it’s a reality TV show, and yes, I would fast forward through the drama given the chance – but I love seeing the great shooting session they put together and the cool guns that wind […]

1911 BAR grip frame

I’ve got a fever…and the only prescription…is more Browning!

How do you make your Browning Automatic Rifle even more Browning? By making it part 1911 pistol, that’s how!

We noticed this among a pile of parts…someone took a BAR grip frame and welded on the pistol grip from a 1911. Yep, it’s a total […]

Browning Automatic Rifle

Okay, it’s another one that’s not remotely forgotten. But we have to cover the BAR before we can effectively go into the more obscure variants of it that ARE forgotten. We’ve added a Browning Automatic Rifle page in the Vault, with a WWII manual, a couple post-war depot-level ordnance manuals, and more.

Let’s consider […]

BAR Base Shop Data

Back to something a bit more recognizable, we’re adding a 1943 copy of the M1918A2 BAR shop manual today. In addition to the usual assembly and disassembly diagrams and instructions, this also includes drawings of the major tools and jigs used for more serious maintenance of the gun.

You can download it from the Original […]