The Ljutic was a semiauto rifle developed as a competitor (unsuccessfully, I should add) to the M1 Garand rifle during World War II. Rather than describe it myself, I suggest you read the Army report made when Mr Ljutic demonstrated it for Ordnance personnel:

US Army Report on the Ljutic Rifle Demonstration


  1. Bruce Canfield’s new Garand book has a photo. I think this may be a patent related to the design:

    It is almost certainly the same Al Ljutic that designed the wonderfully odd Ljutic “Space Gun” shotgun. While Al died back in 2007, his company still exists.

    • Ljutic is a big name in high end trap/skeet guns. The “Space Gun” that the company offered back in the day was offered as either a rifle or a shotgun. The company is still around but does not sell the space guns anymore (or at least it is not in the catalog.) The story goes that someone invited Mr Ljutic skeet shooting, but upon realizing that he lacked a shotgun for the event, Mr Ljutic went to his workshop and made one for the outing the next day. And that was the basis for the “Space Gun” design. Given that, he sounds like the sort of fellow who could have pulled off making such a rifle with limited resources.

  2. Years back some time in the 1980’s I believe, I was leafing through one of my many gun annual catalogs. In one entry category for single shot rifles, I happened upon the Ljutic space rifle offered in .223, .308, and 30-06 calibers. With only a minimal description other than the mention of a counter-recoil system, I was left wondering if these rifles ever got tested or reviewed by anyone. Until just this year, thanks to Forgotten Weapons, Ian was able to profile the shot gun version that seems to have found favor with trap shooters. Can anyone shed light on the ‘rifle’. Also, the only catalog picture I was able to view shows the rifle equipped with a scope already mounted on the piece. Thank you for your sonsideration.

  3. At last, some evidence. In the 43rd Annual Edition of Gun Digest (1989) on page 321 under the heading “CENTERFIRE RIFLES-SINGLE SHOT” is a picture and description of the Ljutic Space Rifle offered in 22-250,30-30,308, and 30-06 calibers w/24″ barrel. Asking price for the day, was a low, low, $3,695 of your favorite dollars(!!!) Can anyone shed any light on this item.

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  1. Winchester 100, Anybody shot one before?

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