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Hillberg carbine

Experimental .30 caliber carbine made by Hillberg – no further information available.


3 comments to Hillberg carbine

  • Joe Alexander

    What a fantastic website , fascinating historical information , most interesting . Trying to find some info on the British PIAT , ANTI TANK GUN . All the best Joe ( Herefordshire , UK )

  • Nattleby

    Reminds me of a Mini 14…

  • John Blackburn

    The PIAT: ‘Projector, Infantry, Anti-tank’ was really a hand operated spigot mortar. It was an effective tank killer with a hollow-charge warhead, but suffered from a recoil-operated firing spring which would sometimes not work properly: if it didn’t properly recompress on firing it could be VERY hard to ‘rewind’, placing the operator in peril. It also had a very pronounced ‘kick’

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