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The Vault

Guns and Motorcycles: A Photo Essay


Presented without comment, because I am traveling today…



Bren and Thompson

M1909 Benet Mercie

Breda 30

Breda 30


Hotchkiss M1914


Lightweight Air-Cooled Maxims

20mm Madsen

Colt M1895




Stories of Interest

I have a number of items of interest that have come in just recently, and figured I’d put them all out today in place of a typical article. So…

1) I joined the Gun Nation podcast again last night, with Grant Cunningham, Doc Wesson, and Average Joe. This was the first of what will be [...]

LeMat Revolving Carbine

Today’s post is a guest article by Kymm Wilson, on the subject of the very rare LeMat carbine, which he was put quite a bit of work into recreating.

by Kymm Wilson

LeMat revolving carbine

Just prior to the Civil War an inventor named Jean Francois Alexander LeMat invented a revolver known then as [...]

Sons of (Forgotten) Guns

Yep, I am in the season finale of Sons of Guns, which first airs tonight. Want to see my video on the original Bigot we found in a private collection? Well, have a look:

If this is your first time hearing about my site, I encourage you to settle in and have a look [...]

Preview of Tonight

Want to see a reproduction Bigot actually firing? Tune in to Sons of Guns on the Discovery Channel tonight at 9pm, and you’ll get to see me try one out! If you haven’t seen my video on the Bigot, it is a late-WWII experiment created by the OSS to take the place of a suppressed [...]

AFTE Presentations – Markings and Magazines

I had the privilege of presenting two classes at the 2014 annual conference of the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE) this week. One was a class on proof marks and other identifying marks, and the other was on magazines and clips. I made a point to videotape both presentations, so I could make [...]

John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center

I normally stay out of politics on the site, but I am going to make an exception today, for John Lott. He is, of course, one of the preeminent academic researchers involved in studying crime and firearms issues, and is of particular note because he came into the subject from a neutral position and allowed [...]

RIA May 2014 Prices

Some folks requested that I post the hammer prices of the guns we looked at in the May 2014 Rock Island auction last week. Well, they have the prices posted now (including the buyer’s premium), so here you go:

Umbrella gun: $3,738

Montreal Home Guard Savage 99 – $6,900

Schwarzlose 1898 – $28,750

Pedersen Self-Loader [...]

Rock Island Premier Auction, May 2014

It’s that time again; another Rock Island auction is coming up this weekend. Once again, there are a bunch of pretty neat and unusual items up for sale, and today we’re going to take a look at a few (they also have plenty of much more typical collectible guns, but those are less interesting to [...]

Archived Post: The Obregon 1911

Things are still pretty hectic here, and I apologize for not having a new post. In lieu of that, I am going to repost a video from last year, on the Mexican Obregon variant of the 1911. It has the rather interesting design twist of changing from a tilting-barrel Browning type lock to a rotating [...]