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The Vault

Savage is Looking for Design Engineers, and an InRange Old West Vignette

Are you a firearms design engineer looking for a new gig? Savage Arms contacted me to say that they are looking for an experienced designer for their Westfield, Massachusetts team. You can see their full details here, but the gist appears to be a person with at least a couple years experience who will develop [...]

MG-34 December Sale

FYI, one of our long-time sponsors, Allegheny Arsenal, is offering 10% off everything they have until December 12th. Use the coupon code “ALLEGHENYHOLIDAY” at checkout, and you’ll get the discount. In addition to a variety of military gun parts, they also have things like repair parts for Lafette (MG34/MG42) tripods, a whole slew of printed [...]

Vintage Calendars & Jim Sullivan Interview

I recently got in touch with a very interesting fellow with an extremely impressive resume of firearms design experience: L. James “Jim” Sullivan. He started working for Armalite in the mid 1950s as a draftsman, and began his career by redesigning the gas tube on the AR-10 to move it from the side to the [...]

Shanghai Municipal Police Colt 1908 at RIA

The Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless was a very popular pistol for civilians – it was compact, comfortable, reliable, and exceptionally modern for its day. The initial production was all in .32ACP, but 5 years after it was introduced a variant in .380 caliber was introduced – the model 1908 Pocket Hammerless. By the end of [...]

Several Items…


No Vintage Saturday today – I’ve had a number of items stack up that I’d like to post in between the RIA videos this month. First up, I found a very neat Nova documentary on WWI aircraft, done in conjunction with New Zealand’s The Vintage Aviator Ltd. I think it’s neat to take old guns [...]

Modern Rifleman Radio…and a Plush Throw Pillow

I was invited to be a guest on an episode of the Modern Rifleman Radio podcast, which just published today. It was a lot of fun, and the discussion ranged all over, from current Army rifle training to the genesis of the “modern” rifle to how the M1A and MAS 49/56 performed in mud and [...]

New Site Sponsor: Fiocchi USA

I am very happy to announce that we have a new sponsor of Forgotten Weapons: Fiocchi. Founded in Italy in 1876, the company has been making cartridge ammunition for basically as long as cartridges have existed, with only a brief interruption when Allied bombers leveled the factory late in WWII (it was rebuilt immediately after [...]

2015 Calendar Preorder!

I am happy to announce that I will be making another Vintage Photo calendar for 2015! Last year’s calendar was a big hit, and I’ve been using one myself to track and plan posts for the web site. Click below to see the full details and place your order!


Tactical and Technical Trends #50: September 1944

Today I have another issue of Tactical and Technical Trends – this time #50, from September 1944.

Tactical and Technical Trends #50 – September 1944

As usual, most of the material herein will be of interest to folks who like to study WWII, but only a little bit pertains to small arms. Specifically, a [...]

7.62 mm PSG LANO Sniper Rifle

Today’s post is more modern than most of what we usually cover, but it is about a rifle for which very little information is available. It is a Swedish report translated by Arne Bergkvist – thanks again, Arne! Any mistakes in editing are mine – Ian.

This study is a work of FÖRSVARETS MATERIALVERK, Vapenbyrån, [...]