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The Vault

A Tour of Simpson Ltd (Video)

Simpson Ltd has been a sponsor of Forgotten Weapons for a while now – they have a great selection of interesting guns and I figured I should take an opportunity to stop by their shop and film a video tour for you:

Upcoming Match with a Swiss Gewehr 1911

This coming weekend, I’ll be taking a brief trip into western Texas to compete in the annual Pecos Run and Gun in the Sun. It’s a run-n-gun match, as the name implies, using rifle and pistol and covering between 6 and 7 miles. There are six shooting stages along the course, requiring use of either [...]

Introducing InRange TV

I am very excited to introduce a new project today – InRange TV!

InRange is intended to be everything that cable TV gun programs have utterly failed to be: intelligent and educational, while still being fun to watch. Each episode will have 3-5 different segments on a variety of topics, including reviews and range [...]

(More) Rifles for Sale

I have a couple more rifles that I need to move to make room for new things and pay the bills. These are for sale in the US only, and I will need to add extra to cover shipping to Alaska or Hawaii (continental shipping is included in the prices). Can’t live without one of [...]

Wrapping up a Road Trip…

Sorry guys, I don’t have any content to post today. I’m writing this from the airport, en route back home after an extended trip. I spent several days in Vegas for the annual DefCon hacker convention (filming some material for the upcoming Secret Project), a bunch of time at Rock Island Auctions doing video on [...]

Takin’ the Day Off (Sort Of)

It’s my birthday today, and I am indulging with a day off. Which I will be spending by playing with a new No4 Enfield sniper and doing some video work for the upcoming Secret Project. So not really taking the day off, I suppose…but working on the site here and doing what I just find [...]

Mystery Rifle

I received a batch of photos from a European reader asking if I could identify the gun in them, and I have found myself stumped. The reader thought this might be a G41, but it is not. My first thought, based on its bolt handle, was the Russian Federov, but it is also definitely not [...]

Testing the New Lightweight Rifles (1959)

Between December 1, 1958 and March 22, 1959, the ranges at the Hunter Liggett Military Reservation were the scene of an impressively comprehensive set of trials. The Army wanted to know what effect the new lightweight, high velocity rifles would have on squad organization and hit capabilities. So, they arranged four months of testing with [...]

Selling a few guns… (prices reduced a bit)

Turns out I’m going to need to upgrade my laptop in order to run good editing software for my new, higher-quality video files. So, I’m selling off a handful of guns to help finance the new computer. Full disclosure; none of these are really outstanding specimens – they all need some work or have issues. [...]

Experimenting with the Quadcopter

My new quadcopter camera arrived a few days ago, and I’ve been getting some practice flying it and experimenting with different camera angles and type of shots. Here’s a brief compilation of the progress so far: