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New Ad Banner – Historic Investments


Just a quick note that I have added a new banner to the site sidebar: Historic Investments. They have a GunBroker account instead of a standalone web site (although I think that is coming at some point) or brick-and-mortar store, but that doesn’t change the fact that they trade in some pretty cool collectible firearms. […]

Gun Show and Auction This Weekend…

Well, today is the start of Rock Island’s auction – best of luck to everyone who is bidding on items! I have one thing in my own sights, which I hope to make use of for the web site here if I can manage to win it. I guess we’ll find out shortly!

This weekend […]

Looking for Assistance in Italy

I am in the planning stages of a trip to Italy this coming spring/summer. It’s not a purely gun trip, but I have some time set aside for gun activities. I have a few things in the works myself, but I would be very interested in talking to any Italian readers who have connections to […]

Refresher: US 1907 Pistol Trials Report

Savage 1907 in .45 ACP

I have a couple videos coming up on pistols from the trials that eventually led to the adoption of the 1911, so today is a refresher from a couple years back when I posted a copy of the official trials report from the 1907 testing…

When the US began its engagement in the Philippines at […]

Teaser Pictures in Leiu of Real Content

.30-Caliber Knoble

Sorry guys – I’m sorting myself out after a week on the road and I don’t have a real post lined up for today. Instead, I will just tease you with some of the videos I have just finished filming, and which will be publishing (along with much more!) in the coming weeks…

Borchardt […]

Patreon is Replacing the Premium Membership Program


For a long time now, I have had a “Premium Member” program for folks who wanted to help support the site. It has proven to be a bit clumsy for me to manage, and I was not able to secure the shooting industry discounts and special offers that I was hoping would make it a […]

Rifle Sale! SMLE, MAS-36, Spanish Mauser


I have a couple of rifles that I no longer need in the collection and might interest folks here. All prices include shipping, and the guns are all C&R eligible. No international sales – sorry. If you’d like one of them, just drop me an email at admin@forgottenweapons.com. Thanks!


4-Shot Bär Pistol at RIA

bar thumb

The Bär pistol was designed as a compact gentleman’s defensive arm with a number of interesting features. These include twin barrels and a “cylinder” or chamber block, which held 4 cartridges in a single column, thus giving the pistol a smooth-sided shape easy to conceal while also giving it double the capacity of a typical […]

WWI German Trench Armor at RIA

During WWI, the German army issued about a half million sets of trench armor, often called grabenpanzer or sappenpanzer. Despite common belief, this armor was not intended for trench raiding – in fact, German orders regarding it specifically prohibited this use because of the amount of mobility lost when wearing it. Instead, the armor was […]

Looking for Ideas, and Selling Two Rifles. Also, Trench Armor.


First up, I am selling two rifles. One is a Yugoslav M72 RPK (semiauto), which I am replacing with a Romanian RPK for Slidefire experimentation. Second is a gorgeous 1891 Argentine Mauser – too nice for me to keep in my collection; I’ll just wind up beating it up. If you’re interested in either one, […]