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Selling my Vickers HMG


Yes, it is a sad thing to do, but it must be done. I am selling my Vickers heavy machine gun. A few details…


Tolkien’s Service Revolver


From The Guardian:

The Webley Mk VI was the standard issue gun for British servicemen at the outbreak of the war. In 1996, Tolkien’s family gave the gun to the Imperial War Museum during a firearms amnesty in the UK, following the Dunblane school massacre, in which 16 children and one adult were killed. As […]

Hammer Prices, RIA & James Julia


For the folks who are interested, here are the final hammer prices (plus 15% buyers’ premiums) for the recent two auction I had videos from…

I was rather hoping to maybe have some long shot as that semiauto FAMAS, only to have my hopes thoroughly crushed with a nearly $22,000 final price. Jeez. I […]

Weapons of the Spanish Civil War


The Spanish Civil War is a relatively un-remembered conflict here in the US, but it is a fascinating event for firearms enthusiasts because of the huge variety of arms used. Both sides were supplied by a variety of other sympathetic nations, including Germany, Italy, the Soviet Union, and Poland. The military aid supplies included both […]

For Sale: Gras M14 Conversion, Hotchkiss Universal kit, Yugo M92 Krink kit

I have a couple things up for sale, if anyone is interested. Prices include shipping; only for sale in the US (and only where legal in the US). Email me at admin@forgottenweapons.com if you want any of them! Payment by USPS money order. I will add cash to any of these in trade for a […]

GunSpotting in Rome

Italian soldier in Rome with an ARX-160

About a month ago I spent some time in Italy, and noticed a few things that I thought would be interesting. The biggest thing that stood out to me (on the matter of firearms, I should say) was that while civilian gun ownership is far lower than it is here in the US, one actually […]

A Couple Antique Revolvers For Sale

I have found myself in the unfortunate situation of having bought a handful of antique revolvers at auction for an acquaintance, only have him decide not to pay for them. These aren’t guns I am particularly interested in for my own collection, so I am looking to sell them to recoup my cost. They are […]

Final Prices: RIA April 2016

I always get a bunch of questions about what the various guns at auction ended up selling for, so here’s an overview for the curious:

Q&A #4: These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 7.57.53 AM

Time for another monthly Q&A video – thanks to my supporters on Patreon for helping to make this possible! I have a whole bunch of questions this time, and have timestamps for each individual one below.

0:52 – Barrel length in terms of bore diameter 3:18 – Why did the XM8 fail?

For […]

Stopping Tanks with Rifles?


Picture the year 1939 – lots of light tanks are out there in various armies, but there isn’t much practical experience on how to stop them in combat. The heavy anti-tank rifles pioneered at the end of WWI are an option, but perhaps it is possible to find a simpler method? An answer occurs to […]