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Archived Post: The Obregon 1911

Things are still pretty hectic here, and I apologize for not having a new post. In lieu of that, I am going to repost a video from last year, on the Mexican Obregon variant of the 1911. It has the rather interesting design twist of changing from a tilting-barrel Browning type lock to a rotating [...]

Swiss K31 Back Up For Sale

The buyer for my spare K31 Swiss carbine never followed up with me, so the K31 is back up for sale. If you would like to have it, just drop me a line at

SOLD This K31 was manufactured in 1935 (only the third year of production), and has a superb bore and some [...]

Reader Questions: 6.5×55 Chamber, M47 Clips, Side-Mounted Oprods

Today I’m answering some questions sent in last week – I think this will be a fun and interesting regular feature for the site. If you have a question you’ve been wondering about, please email it to me, and I’ll see if I can get you an answer for the next Reader Questions column! I [...]

Swiss Rifles for Sale

I have a couple Swiss straight-pull rifles more than I need, so I’m selling a couple to put money into other things. If you’re interested in any of them, please email me at – thanks!

SOLD PENDING FUNDS – Gewehr 1889 (#1). The Gewehr 1889 was the Swiss replacement for the Vetterli, and the [...]

Reader Questions!

Got a question about a military firearm you’ve been wondering about? Something you found that you’re trying to identify? Something else you think I might be able to answer? Well, ask me! If there is enough interest, I’d like to make a reader’s questions column a regular weekly part of the blog.

Just send me [...]

Military History of Olympic Biathlon

Another busy day today – so I’ll point you to an article I wrote in TheFirearmBlog yesterday:

Military History of Olympic Biathlon

Congrats to Kyle S!

The winner of our random drawing for the StealthGear 1911 holster is Kyle S, whose guest article on the Colt 1903 pocket hammer pistol will be posted shortly. Kyle, check your email and let me know where to send the holster.

Thanks to everyone else who entered, and particularly to the folks who sent in [...]

Forum is back up!

Sorry for the downtime, guys – the Premium Members’ forum is back up and running now.

Calendar Status

Unfortunately, I had a bit of a delay with the folks printing the 2014 calendars – but they are done now. I finished packing and addressing them all this evening, and they will ship out on Monday. Sorry for the delay! If this is going to cause trouble for anyone, please drop me an email [...]

Thanks to all my readers (and a sale!)

I would like to point out on this Thanksgiving that I am grateful to everyone who visits and reads Forgotten Weapons – whether you are a newbie to guns and shooting who is here to see new and wonderful guns, or one or the advanced collectors who has generously allowed me to exploit your collection [...]