Select-fire Rifles

Shooting the EM-2 in .280 British

July 13, 2017 Ian McCollum 14

I had 10 rounds of .280 British ammunition to work with today, so I opted for several rounds in semiauto (including some slow motion shots) and then one burst at the end. The .280 cartridge […]

Semiauto Rifles

Shooting the Czech ZH-29 at James D Julia

March 19, 2017 Ian McCollum 11

The Czech ZH-29 is one of the first well developed semiauto military rifles – it was light, mechanically simple, reliable, and handled well, unlike many of its ungainly or excessively complicated predecessors. It only found […]

Slow motion

Walther WA-2000 (Video)

March 8, 2017 Ian McCollum 28

The Walther WA-2000 has a reputation of being the ultimate German sniper rifle, with no expense spared in its design and construction. Designed in the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre, the WA2000 was […]

Aircraft MGs

Slow Motion: M134 Minigun (Video)

December 23, 2016 Ian McCollum 9

Following up to yesterday’s look at the history and (partial) disassembly of a GE M134 Minigun, today we will check it out in slow motion. I filmed these high-speed shots, but there was so much […]

Semiauto pistol

Slow Motion: Roth-Steyr 1907

October 6, 2016 Ian McCollum 12

Some high-speed footage of a Roth-Steyr M1907 pistol here for you – these are rotating-barrel, locked breech pistols with trigger lockwork much akin to a Glock. Namely, the action cycling puts the striker at half […]

Semiauto Rifles

M1 Thumb in Slow Motion (Ouch!)

November 5, 2015 Ian McCollum 23

(Note: not for the mildly squeamish) A blog reader on Reddit named Oelund sent me this footage, of him deliberately inflicting M1 Thumb on himself at 1200 fps (twice!). I figured that ought to be […]