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Reader Questions #3: StG Bolt Markings, FG-42 Chamber, Importing Surplus Arms

I only have two questions this week – if you have something you’re curious about, don’t be shy! Email me at and ask away, so we have enough question to keep this going as a regular feature. Questions don’t have to be super exotic – remember that if you are wondering about something, there [...]

Larry Vickers Shoots an Original FG42

I’ve gotten to take apart an original second model FG-42, and play with an SMG reproduction second model (and shoot against one in a 2-gun match), but I’ve never gotten my hands on an original first model. And I’ve gotten a lot of requests for that. Well, Larry Vickers just got the chance to do [...]

Galil AR, by Seth Cane

Today we have the second of a three-part guest series by Seth Cane on the Galil rifle. Today he looks at the Galil AR…

Galil AR

by Seth Cane

Galil AR

The Galil AR was the standard-infantry model of the Galil produced by IMI. The AR was, in a nutshell, a down-sized ARM model. [...]

Galil ARM

Today’s article is a guest post by Seth Cane, on the development of the Galil ARM…

The Galil ARM

by Seth Cane

The Galil rifle began life in the late 1960′s. The Six Day War of 1967 made apparent the need for a more rugged, versatile and low-maintenance service rifle to the IDF after experiences [...]

Armenian Vahan Rifle

The Vahan is a rifle designed by Armenian inventor Vahan Minasyan. It uses a lever-delayed blowback mechanism similar to the San Cristobal or FAMAS, and is designed for the 5.45x39mm cartridge using standard AK74 magazines (although if you are an interested military or law enforcement organization, they will happily build you rifles in 5.56mm NATO [...]

Pakistani 44-Bore Followup

Thanks to a Pakistani reader named Adi who happens to own a 44-Bore rifle (an AK with the chamber reamed to accept 8×33 Kurz cartridges), we have some a bit more information on this interesting variation of the AK. Adi reports that his rifle uses standard 7.62×39 AK magazines, and he can load 28 rounds [...]

Pathan “44-Bore” AK in 8×33 Kurz

Today’s rifle is an curious example of forgotten weapons going full-circle and being reinvented. What we’re looking at is the “44 Bore”, a colloquial name given to AK-pattern rifles rechambered for the German 7.92×33 Kurz cartridge in Pakistan. How his cartridge came to be popular in the tribal areas of Pakistan seems to be unknown [...]

Book Review: Testing the War Weapons

I was pretty excited to dig into Tim Mullin’s Testing The War Weapons when I first got a copy of it, having already read his book on SMGs, shotguns, and machine pistols cover to cover. I quite enjoyed that volume, and I figured that this one would be better still, being twice the length [...]

T25 Rifle Report

I recently got my grubby hands on a big pile of gun-related documentation (thanks, Mike!), and one of the items that jumped out at me while looking through it was a 1949 report on the T25 rifle, printed by the Springfield Armory R&D department.

To recap briefly, by the end of WWII the military had [...]

US Army Tokarev Rifle Manual

One problem I have consistently found with Russian weapons manuals is that they are all written in Russian, which I can’t read. The illustrations are still interesting and useful, but it does make some of the technical details difficult to figure out. However, the US Ordnance Corps happily had a habit of translating manuals for [...]