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The Vault

Vickers Cal .30 Parts List

Presented for general reference: An illustrated parts list for the .30-06 caliber Vickers machine gun and accessories. Complete with translations between English and American!

Vickers cal .30-06 Parts List

Vintage Saturday: Spare a Rifle?

Chauchats are better than nothing when Stalin is your neighbor

Lots of Mosin-Nagant rifles, and we’re guessing also Swedish Mausers. Plus, of course, the two Chauchats and a Maxim 1910. Thanks to Dave for the photo!

German Machine Gun Nomenclature

One would think that Germany, of all places, would have a logical and consistent system for identifying service machine guns. Any yet we see things like the WWI MG08/15 and the WWII MG15. What gives?

The answer is that Germany didn’t have one logical naming system – they had several in sequence. So in order [...]

Vintage Saturday: Strange Bedfellows

In Soviet Russia…you use whatever is at hand.

Soviet troops with M38 Mosin carbines and Breda Model 37 heavy machine guns (presumably captured from the ill-fated Italian ARMIR expedition in 1942/43). Thanks to Leszek for finding the photo at Waralbum.ru!


How to Set Up Your Vickers Gun

Some archived footage here, of the Manchester Regiment showing us how to properly set up a Vickers gun…and how not to!

The clip comes from the Museum of the Manchester Regisment, in Ashton-under-Lyne east of Manchester.

Finnish M1932 Maxim Manual

Allow me to put on my Tikkakoski Company Sales Rep hat for a moment, and explain to you why as a modern military force (in 1933) the obvious choice in support machine guns is the Tikkakoski Model 1932 Maxim. I’ll try to put this in terms that will resonate with today’s tactical advertising…


Vintage Saturday: Heavy Firepower

Wait a minute..Sergei, is the sight on this thing supposed to be crooked like that?

Vintage Saturday: Rank Hath its Privileges

So, ah, my hands are full with these ammo cans, Private…so you need to carry the other thing.

A Soviet M1910 Maxim (early version, without the snow cap) on the Mannerheim Line, 1940.

Vintage Saturday: Indirect Fire

British troops in the Netherlands (Overloon, specifically) using a Vickers for indirect fire. In addition to the copious empty brass, belts, ammo boxes, and spare condensing can, note the angle of the dial sight relative to the gun…


Book Review: The Devil’s Paintbrush

One of my favorite books to just flip through at random is Dolf Goldsmith’s The Devil’s Paintbrush: Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gun. Every time I open it, I find another detail of information that I had overlooked or under-appreciated before – it is a wealth of information on the Maxim gun in all its forms. Better [...]