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US Krag 1898 manual

The Krag-Jorgensen rifle was short-lived in US military service, despite being a major step forward in technology. The M1892 Krag rifle replaced the Trapdoor Springfield, and was the first generally-issued repeating rifle and also the first to use smokeless powder. After some brief use in the Spanish and Phillippine conflicts, it would be replaced by the 1903 Springfield rifle.

Krag cutaway diagram

You can find a 1917 original manual for the 1898 Krag rifle and 1899 Krag carbine in the Original Manuals section of the Vault:

(1917) US Model 1898/1899 Krag Manual (English)

3 comments to US Krag 1898 manual

  • Jim Hinderliter

    Thank you for what you do and the information that you provide I have a 1896 spoterized 30-40 krag that has been in the family for 50 years.

  • Eric Magnus

    Thank you for this. I received my sporterized 1898 30 years ago to pay a debt owed me. It was my first centerfire firearm. I still have it and intend to pass it along. I found information on serial numbers–mine appears to have been made in late 1899, if the information is correct–but finding other information about this fine old piece is very difficult. Again, thank you.

  • richard milash

    bought a book but happy to have access
    to an historical item like this

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