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The Pig – M60E3 Video

The M60 light machine gun is something of a contentious subject. Many veterans who used it in combat in Vietnam remember it very fondly despite its design defects, while many more recent users detest it. I think I know why – because many of the M60s flaws were related to its long-term durability, so that […]

Model 1917 Machine Gun Cart

Are you looking for a good gift for the gun nut in your life who already has everything? Or perhaps you are the gun nut with everything, and you need a new project to undertake? Well, we have just the thing. It’s cool, useful (assuming you have a water-cooled HMG and a horse), historically interesting, […]

Construction of Automatic Weapons

From our friend Hrachya, we have a very cool book for you today. Titled Construction of Automatic Weapons, it was printed in Russia in 1933, and consists of line drawings of all the major machine gun variants in use at that time. There are 140 pages of drawings, mostly cutaway and interior views, and lots […]

Vintage Saturday: Maybe you can hire…the Model A Team!

Maybe this team can actually hit the bad guys once in a while…

Vintage Saturday – Lewis Gun at the Front

Lewis gun at the front

Lewis info, and some site changes

Okay, I promised I’d be posting some Lewis gun documentation – and I’ve got it ready for you today. There’s a very nice selection – some in English, some in Russian, brief handbooks, detailed manuals, big cutaway plates, you name it. In fact, there are enough (eleven manuals in all) that instead of listing them […]

Lewis Gun at the Range

We’re back at the range again today, this time with a 1914 Lewis Gun. The Lewis is a fairly distinctive gun, with a its large radiator shroud for air cooling. These guns were used primarily by the US and British forces in .303 British and .30-06 calibers (some were also sold to Russia in 7.62×54, […]