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C93 Borchardt: the First Successful Self-Loading Pistol at RIA

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.53.10 AM

Hugo Borchardt was a brilliant and well-traveled firearms designer. He was born in Germany but emigrated to the United States at a fairly young age, where he became engaged in the gun trade. He spent time working with Winchester, Remington (where he patented improvements on James Paris Lee’s box magazine idea), and Sharps (where he […]

Two VG1-5 Gustloff Last Ditch Rifles at RIA


The Volksstrumgewehr Gustloff, more commonly (albeit incorrectly) known as the VG1-5, was one of the few semiautomatic Volkssturm weapons produced at the end of WWII. I have discussed these rifles before, but wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to take a close look at two more examples of the type.

Mechanically the Gustloff uses […]

Gewehr 71 with Experimental Magazine at RIA


The Model 1871 Mauser was adopted as the newly united Germany’s first standard rifle, and it was a good design. However, it was a single shot rifle and soon it became apparent that the additional firepower of a magazine rifle was necessary to maintain military parity. A number of different conversion methods were tested by […]

Vintage Saturday: Seeds of an Idea

Ilya Amelin with Panzerfaust, 15th Guards Rifle Division, Germany, 1945

Ilya Amelin with Panzerfaust, 15th Guards Rifle Division, Germany, 1945

Point at Panzer, press button…

Q&A Video, November 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.26.07 AM

Thanks to the awesome people supporting Forgotten Weapons through Patreon for sending in more questions that I could get to for another month!

This month the subjects include:

Browning lock vs others in handguns Best modern weapon for WWI Turret revolvers Affordable “forgotten weapons” Welrod pistol C&R rifle parts sources WWII souvenir? Finnish firearms […]

2-Gun WWI Extravaganza: BEF vs German Landser (Video)

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.51.10 AM

This is the second of our two videos from the most recent 2-Gun match, which was designed with an explicit World War One theme. This one is a head to head match between me, kitted out as a BEF rifleman, and Karl, portraying a rear-line German reservist with a Gewehr 88.

The fact that […]

Vintage Saturday: Serious Riot Control

German Freikorps arraying with flamethrowers during the 1919 Spartacist revolt in Berlin

German Freikorps arraying with flamethrowers and hand grenades during the 1919 Spartacist revolt in Berlin

Nothing says “Disperse!” like flamethrowers and grenades…

2-Gun WW1 Extravaganza: 1918 German Sturmtruppen vs German Landser (Video)

This month’s 2-gun match was a special WWI themed event, with three long stages instead of the usual four shorter ones. The design included bayonetting, climbing ladders, crawling under wire, and throwing grenades. I shot as a British soldier, and Karl actually ran the course twice – once as a 1918 elite Sturmtruppen and ones […]

System Luger 1892/6 Bolt Action


Georg Luger is known today for just one firearm: the Luger pistol. However, he actually spent significantly more time during his career working on rifles than he did on that iconic handgun. One project in particular that he tackled for the DWM concern was a series of improvements to the Gewehr 88 rifle.

The G88 […]

Q&A Video #1: H&K G11, Owen, F1, Worst Gun Ever, and More!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.11.09 PM

As part of my new fundraising system on Patreon, I am starting a monthly Q&A video series, answering questions from Patreon contributors. The support from you folks is a tremendous help to me in running the site, and I really appreciate it! This month I am addressing:

H&K G11 (and caseless rifles in general) Origins […]