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Australian Electrolux Charlton

As we mentioned earlier this week in the Charlton Automatic Rifle article, the Australian government expressed an interest in converting rifles to Philip Charlton’s self-loading design. Charlton spent several months in Australia negotiating the deal, and it was eventually decided that the Australian manufacturing company Electrolux (which made primarily household appliances) would produce the guns, […]

Charlton Automatic Rifle


Charlton Automatic Rifle reproduction (currently for sale at Gun City in Christchurch, New Zealand)


The idea of converting bolt action rifles into semiautomatic or fully automatic designs is not a unique one. It used to come up fairly regularly – most national armies investigated the concept at one time or another in […]

Turkish Orman Carbine Video

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I’d picked up a neat new addition to my collection – a Turkish “Orman” carbine made from a French Berthier rifle.

During WWII, the Turkish government wound up in possession of several thousand (between 5k and 10k) French Berthier rifles, mostly 1907/15 models, but also some Mle 1916s. […]

Brazilian INA M953 Submachine Gun

We’re happy to have another article by Ronaldo Olive today (reprinted with his permission – and originally found in Harris Publications’ SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE, 1991) – this time on the INA 953, Brazil’s domestic variant of the Madsen submachine gun. Many folks don’t recognize the great amount of interest weapons history and […]

Navy .308 Garand Conversion

Back in the 1960s, the US Navy decided to rechamber a bunch of its M1 Garand rifles to 7.62 NATO. The proper way to do this would have been to simply put new 7.62 barrels into the rifles – but the Navy wanted a cheaper route. So instead, they decided to make chamber inserts that […]