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Action Match Video: Leader T2 and Ballester Molina

I’m always up for the chance to put unusual guns through practical trials, so I jumped at the chance to try out the 2-Gun Action Challenge Match north of Tucson AZ this past weekend. For my armament, I chose a Leader Dynamics T2 rifle and the Ballester Molina I recently bought as a carry gun.


How to Shoot a Sistema 1927 (or Colt 1911)

We have an old manual and a new(ish) one today. The older is a 1914 version of an official US Army 1911 manual. Not the 1911A1, but the original first variant. Need a ballistics chart for .45ACP out to 250 yards? It’s in there.

White pine: the 20th century ballistics gelatin

And in case […]