The Genar submachinegun was a development of the TZ45, which was developed during WWII and manufactured into the 1950s. We don’t have much more information on the Genar, but we do have a nice set of photos, thanks to our friend Roberto Allara in Italy.


    • I saw one of these guns in the ROVERETO MUSEUM Castle, near Trento – Italy. Since it is an italian museum, they also have Isotta, FNAB and Variara subguns. Maybe an Armaguerra too, but I am not sure about the Armaguerra, they had a lot of stuff in 2010.

  1. Genar PM410 SMG:
    9 mm para 20 or 40 rounds
    Barrlel 191
    Lenght 410
    Weight 2,69
    Genar PM470 SMG:
    9 mm para 2, 30 or 40 rounds
    Barrlel 205
    Lenght 745/470
    Weight 3,23

  2. Sorry for mistakes;
    9 mm para 20 or 40 rounds
    Barrel 191 mm
    Lenght 410 mm
    Weight 2,69 kg
    Genar PM470 SMG:
    9 mm para 20, 30 or 40 rounds
    Barrel 205 mm
    Lenght 745/470 mm
    Weight 3,23 kg

  3. Fascinating! What is the spring around the barrel for? Looks like a straightforward blowback SMG, but there’s this extra spring. Is it for cooling? Maybe a recoil buffer, but for 9mm? Not on the TZ45…

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