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Ishapore .410 SMLE

Quick, think of the first thing that comes to mind when I say “riot shotgun”!

Does it have a brass buttplate? A tangent rear sight? Is it a single-shot weapon? Does it use a shotshell smaller than 28ga?

No? Well, I guess you have a different notion of riot gear than the Indian military. Huh.

Today I’ve got a video on the Indian answer to the mass-issue riot gun, a SMLE rifle with the magazine well plugged and the barrel bored out to .410. They are pretty neat, and this one’s in really nice shape:

It seems that the bored-out version like mine that use American 2.5″ shells are quite a bit more common here than the original brass-case version here in the States. They’re not too difficult to find if you keep your eyes open online, and not that expensive (yet). Definitely a neat side item for the Enfield collector, or just someone like me who enjoys “different” guns.

1 comment to Ishapore .410 SMLE

  • 103David

    Very interesting and way beyond cute. My challenge to you would be to try shooting some thrown clays with it. if you don’t believe it possible, look up Winchester Model 42 :)

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