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US Sieg rifle

The Sieg was a post-WWII rifle in .30-06 caliber, developed by a US Coast Guard officer.

5 comments to US Sieg rifle

  • Bill Hayes

    Just wanted to pass along that the Sieg bullpup rife was developed by U.S. Coast Guard Gunner’s Mate James Sieg. I don’t believe he was ever a commissioned officer. He did patent his compensator in Patent number: 2451514 Filing date: Nov 21, 1945 and Issue date: Oct 19, 1948. The American Rifleman article shown in the slide show comes from the April 1946 issue. The rifle is not in the collection of the American Firearms Museum. Sieg was listed as a Maryland inventor by the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore.

  • Bill Hayes

    Just to clarify, by the American Firearms Museum, I meant the National Firearms Museum located in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • Anonymus

    Looking at that compensator it seems to compose of an outer shell and a perforate barrel running through it. Is that thing rifled on the inside? And does the bullet actually touch its walls? Or is it just a tube of a larger caliber that it flies through?

  • William Davis

    So, why wasn’t this rifle adopted by our military when it achieved the test results that it did when tested at Fort Benning…?

  • charlie

    same reason other great ideas get discarded in the military it was different, that and military inertia after all the concept of bullpup is not new but it took any military until the 50s and 60s to Even consider adopting one.

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