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OSS “Bigot” Pistol

The “Bigot” was a dart-firing modification of an M1911 .45 caliber pistol developed by the Office of Strategic Services during WW2. The OSS was a clandestine operations service, the predecessor of the CIA. The Bigot was intended as a way for commandos to quietly eliminate sentries – although we are not sure what advantage it might have had over a silenced pistol. Questionable utility doesn’t prevent it from being a pretty interesting piece of equipment, though.


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  • greg

    Awesome. Thank you very much. I had never heard of the Bigot pistol conversion. What were the fins made of? Aluminum or steel? If they are steel, they would probably be devastating on unarmored targets.

  • I suggest this is a conversion to underwater use, the dart idea is similar to the Russian APS. Putting the cartridge in the dart head avoids risking damage to pistol itself due to abnormal pressures in the chamber on firing. The fins might well provide a solution to the lack of stabilization in the Russian weapons.

  • carl

    I just had a conversation with some friends in DoD, we discussed a recent scandal involving Isreali assassin who used a poison dart. I was suprised to hear but darts are still commonly used in place of suppressed guns in cloak and dagger operations because they are less messy in public areas

  • like the bulgarian umbrella it shoots a ricin poisoned platinum ball once the victim is hit he will get a fever and after three days he is dead. and there is no cure therapy or antidot.

  • once a guy told me a story about such a 1911 dart gun, and that it was used ,in the vietnamese tunnels to take out vietcong.
    in my opinion this gun seems to be very effective against vampires.

  • Gunfighterzero

    aww come on it is a bad ass james West style rope launching dart gun :)

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