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FN-FAL Manual

Ok, so the FAL isn’t a forgotten weapon by a long shot. However, it is an important piece in the development of modern military firearms.  So to help promote a deeper understanding of how it works (and hopefully to offer a useful resource to all our readers who own and shoot FALs), here is a pretty good manual on the gun:

FN-FAL Operator’s Manual (English)

3 comments to FN-FAL Manual

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  • Mike Washburn

    Re: the manual. My compliments on it’s thoroughness. Most of the pictures lost detail because of incorrect exposure. It was difficult to learn the parts. Not many exploded parts diagrams and they were not labeled per part. Where a part was labeled it was sometimes difficult to find it in the text.
    Still……I bought mine about 30 years ago and seemed to have lost the op manual. This one was a life saver, thanks
    Mike Washburn

  • jdessell

    Thank you Ian. I fell back in love with the FAL after about 12 years. It’s a great rifle.. I don’t think it could ever be replaced.

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