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Bolt Action Rifles

Atmed SMG and an Arisaka Addendum

May 8, 2013 Ian McCollum 18

First up today, we have some additional information on the scaled-down Arisaka trainer from our video on Monday. Teri from Nambu World gave us some more details (thanks, Teri and Chip!) that we would like […]

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Bolt Action Rifles

Scaled-Down Arisaka Trainer (Video)

May 6, 2013 Ian McCollum 16

In many countries prior to WWII, it was not uncommon to begin preparing children for military service at fairly young ages, and several countries produces small-scale rifles for training boys who could not yet handle […]

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Anti-Tank Rifles

Japanese Type 97 20mm Anti-tank Rifle

May 1, 2013 Ian McCollum 36

Today’s article comes to us from, Christopher Bailey, who is particularly interested in finding information and photos of these kinds of antitank weapons.  He is especially interested in high-quality photos, both period and modern. If you […]

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Guns on a Plane

April 30, 2013 Ian McCollum 12

We attended a symposium at the Institute of Military Technology a while back, and one of the talks was on the development of the AR-10, given by C. Reed Knight Jr. One of the neat […]

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Brøndby Rifle Photos

April 26, 2013 Ian McCollum 5

We have previously mentioned Fridtjof Brøndby, a Norwegian arms designer who created a number of self-loading rifle designs in the 1930s. Last time we were looking at his model 1933 maskinpistole (submachine gun), and today […]

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Bolt Action Rifles

Dangerous Guns

April 9, 2013 Ian McCollum 89

After shooting the Bannerman Mosin-Nagant conversion recently, the subject of dangerous military rifles came up when I was talking with a friend. And y’know, there are more than a few designs and conversions that are […]

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Select-fire Rifles

US Advanced Combat Rifle Video

April 5, 2013 Ian McCollum 50

We had this video pointed out to us by reader Cris – a 1990 film put out by the US Army detailing the four rifles being put into testing to become the Advanced Combat Rifle. […]

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Bolt Action Rifles

Bannerman .30-06 Mosin Nagant (Video)

April 1, 2013 Ian McCollum 25

According to internet wisdom, today’s video should have been cut short by a rifle exploding in my face…but you’ll have to watch it to see if that actually happened. Okay, the fact that I’m still […]