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Vektor H5 Pump Action Galil


This Vektor H5 is one of a handful or semiauto rifles converted to pump action for sale in countries where self-loading rifles are or were restricted (another example is the PAR-3 Romanian pump action AKs that can still be occasionally found in the US). This one is in Australian, where a very small number were […]

Q&A Video #1: H&K G11, Owen, F1, Worst Gun Ever, and More!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.11.09 PM

As part of my new fundraising system on Patreon, I am starting a monthly Q&A video series, answering questions from Patreon contributors. The support from you folks is a tremendous help to me in running the site, and I really appreciate it! This month I am addressing:

H&K G11 (and caseless rifles in general) Origins […]

Andrews Machine Carbine

I’m flattered to say that we received another research question from the Pattern Room, and a bit dejected to say that once again it was something I couldn’t provide a good answer to. However, the information that is available is certainly interested by itself, and perhaps someone reading this will recognize the gun and be […]

Vintage Saturday: The Owen Gun Dance

Yep, this is exactly the dance I would do if I got an Owen Gun (click for full size)

Thanks to Mike S. for the photo!

The Australian Owen SMG

We shot this video a while back, and it’s not as complete as I would like – but it’s still a good intro to a post on the Australian Owen SMG…

(and yes, I misspoke when I said that the Sten didn’t have a semi setting – semiauto was actually fairly common on submachine […]

Action Match Video: Leader T2 and Ballester Molina

I’m always up for the chance to put unusual guns through practical trials, so I jumped at the chance to try out the 2-Gun Action Challenge Match north of Tucson AZ this past weekend. For my armament, I chose a Leader Dynamics T2 rifle and the Ballester Molina I recently bought as a carry gun.


Bren Magazines and the Charlton Rifle

We see it a lot – folks wanting to convert their Enfield rifle to use 30-round Bren gun magazines. And it’s often a bit difficult to convince them of the complexity of doing so, because they will often point to a photo of a Charlton with what appears to be a Bren mag. Well, the […]

Australian Electrolux Charlton

As we mentioned earlier this week in the Charlton Automatic Rifle article, the Australian government expressed an interest in converting rifles to Philip Charlton’s self-loading design. Charlton spent several months in Australia negotiating the deal, and it was eventually decided that the Australian manufacturing company Electrolux (which made primarily household appliances) would produce the guns, […]

Vintage Tuesday: Bren Gun at Tobruk

I was up late working, and suffering from writer’s block. So today we have a special edition of Vintage Saturday, on a Tuesday. Whatever problems you may be facing today, they aren’t anywhere near as serious as this bloke’s. He’s taking fire (note the bullet impact behind the front sight, and his A-gunner is loading […]

Australian Weapons Identification

Thanks to reader and gunsmith Robert, we have today a copy of a 1945-dated Australian weapons identification list. If you have an Australian Lithgow Enfield, this is a great parts reference, as it shows very nice exploded views of all the main rifles used by the Australian armed services in WWII (including the No3 MkI(T) […]