Interview with Jonathan Babb: All About Post-86 Machine Guns

Today I am sitting down to talk to Jonathan Babb of Sienna Armory. Jonathan’s specialty is working with Post-86 Dealer Sample machine guns. He has given me access to some pretty cool stuff to film (like the original L85A1 you saw a few days ago), and I figured we should take a few minutes to talk about just what “post-86 machine guns” are…


    • Methinks you need to change people to be less “prone to committing massacres borne of hatred” before asking for the repeal. I’ve heard tales of madmen committing massacres with kitchen knives, and mostly because of some stupid petty grudge involving denied sex, racial differences, and the fact that it’s easier to hide a knife on your person than it is to hide a gun…

  1. You found a .303 what? I’ve played that section over and over and cannot make out what you are saying.

    • I did the exact same thing, and [think I] eventually figured it out: “Dror” (Israeli rework of Johnson LMG).

      What I can’t figure out is how someone convinced a 21st Century police or military unit to request a demonstration of one!

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