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Vintage Saturday: Resistance in Style

French resistance fighter with a Sten - June 1944

Fighting the Nazis in style!

This is a pretty well-known photo, but damn if it isn’t a good one.

7 comments to Vintage Saturday: Resistance in Style

  • eric

    aaaah, back in the days that even european civilians were allowed to have sub-machineguns.

    and no way the picture is staged.

  • Rich B.

    A ‘posed’ picture…The gendarmes are somewhat amused; the US Lt is a REMF; the British (?) soldier is not even slightly concerned; everyone is too clean for combat conditions…Strictly for entertainment value…

    If I was a German sniper (or even a soldat) that Lt would stand out in my sights like a searchlight…

  • Leszek Erenfeicht

    Well, the Eltee in the back is right to point his 45 at the Frog, even though the latter seems to be handling the Sten for the first time in his life, and blissfully oblivious to the sad fact that his Sten would not fire with these manicured fingers in the way of the bolt handle… But anyway, he makes a nice and stylish shield to crouch behind.

  • Nikolay

    He’s about to shoot that guy with that finger on 1911’s trigger.

  • Chris Brosnahan

    Dude looks like he’s right outta central casting….Both have their fingers wrapped around the triggers – in the fashion of the day…they’re both SUPREMELY confidant (well…mebbe the LT looks a bit skeered – he’s an LT afterall – and as you said, an REMF) – the Bosche are on the run, The Americans are in the city, and it’s time for REVENGE!!! Look!! Ze Camera!! We pose for ze camera!!! The French are great poseurs!!!


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