Miller Pill-Lock Revolving Rifle

April 24, 2017 Ian McCollum 9

John and James Miller of Rochester New York designed and built this rifle, which is an example of an intermediate revolving firearm. It comes after the flintlock Collier guns, but before Sam Colt’s Paterson demonstrated […]


Ljutic Space Gun

April 18, 2017 Ian McCollum 8

Al Ljutic (LEW-tic) was quite the interesting character, from his early days as a professional boxer to his selection for the US 1940 Olympic rifle team, to his eventual primary business making excellent high-end trap […]

Manual Repeater

Remington-Rider Magazine Pistol

April 17, 2017 Ian McCollum 39

One of many firearms developed for Remington by Joseph Rider was the Rider Magazine Pistol – a manually operated 5-shot repeater chambered for the .32 extra-short rimfire cartridge (the same round used by the Chicago […]

Submachine Guns

M3 and M3A1 Grease Guns

April 14, 2017 Ian McCollum 64

The US began looking for a cost-effective replacement for the Thompson submachine gun in 1942, and the “Grease Gun” was the result. Designed by George Hyde (a noted firearms designer at the time) and Frederick […]