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Semiauto pistol

Mannlicher M1900 Pistol: Extra-Fancy

December 31, 2013 Ian McCollum 19

The M1900 is a pretty rare variant of one of Mannicher’s automatic pistols – the 1905 version was sold in relatively large numbers to the Argentine government, and those guns are far more common today […]

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Aircraft MGs

Turkish Manual for the Colt MG40

June 28, 2013 Ian McCollum 3

I recently found this in a private library, and I believe it’s the first Turkish-language manual I’ve come across. It’s dated 1936, and although the cover illustration shows a 1917 type water cooled gun, the […]

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Bolt Action Rifles

Turkish Orman Carbine Video

October 1, 2012 Ian McCollum 8

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I’d picked up a neat new addition to my collection – a Turkish “Orman” carbine made from a French Berthier rifle. During WWII, the Turkish government wound up […]

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Bolt Action Rifles

New Addition to the Collection

August 21, 2012 Ian McCollum 15

One of the great things about collecting old guns is that there is such a huge variety out there – there’s always something new around the corner that you didn’t know about before. Scores of […]