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Riot-Control Trigger Guards on Turkish G3 Rifles

trigger guards 2

An interesting detail from a couple photos of the recent disturbance in Turkey. Take a look at the trigger guards of the G3 rifles – they have been equipped with large protective shields. I have not seen this sort of thing before, but it appears to be a riot-control type of modification, either to prevent […]

Why We Don’t Use Turkish 8mm Surplus

Browning 1919 top cover blown up by Turkish 8mm

There is a lot of Turkish surplus 8mm Mauser ammunition on the market here in the US. It used to be super cheap (under 5c/round), but in the last few years I have seen it selling for more like 30c/round. It’s usually the least expensive option for 8mm ammo, and it can be identified by […]

Mannlicher M1900 Pistol: Extra-Fancy

The M1900 is a pretty rare variant of one of Mannicher’s automatic pistols – the 1905 version was sold in relatively large numbers to the Argentine government, and those guns are far more common today than the versions that led up to the it. One of those rare earlier variants is the 1900, featuring a […]

Rifle Collecting on a Budget: Think Turkey

We all love seeing (and pawing through, when given the opportunity!) the fantastic collections built up by gun collectors who have had the twin resources of time and money on their side, but few of us can afford to invest in that sort of undertaking.

I could sell my house and still not afford […]

Turkish Manual for the Colt MG40

I recently found this in a private library, and I believe it’s the first Turkish-language manual I’ve come across. It’s dated 1936, and although the cover illustration shows a 1917 type water cooled gun, the manual actually covers the MG40 aircraft gun. This was a lightened, air-cooled Browning with dual feed, so it would be […]

Book Review: Central Powers Pistols by Jan Still

Central Powers Pistols, by Jan Still, is a bit of a neither-fish-nor-fowl book. It has many more and better quality photos than most heavy-duty reference works, but also has much more detailed information (particularly on markings and serial numbers) than most coffee table volumes. I wasn’t really sure what to make of it at first, […]

Turkish Orman Carbine Video

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I’d picked up a neat new addition to my collection – a Turkish “Orman” carbine made from a French Berthier rifle.

During WWII, the Turkish government wound up in possession of several thousand (between 5k and 10k) French Berthier rifles, mostly 1907/15 models, but also some Mle 1916s. […]

New Addition to the Collection

One of the great things about collecting old guns is that there is such a huge variety out there – there’s always something new around the corner that you didn’t know about before. Scores of countries have been making and using and modifying small arms for hundreds of years, and the result is such a […]

Book Review: German Gew. 88 “Commission” Rifle

I recently picked up a very nice looking Gewehr 88 from an online classified ad, and when it arrived I really didn’t know what I had (I’m not an expert on older German bolt actions by any stretch of the imagination). So, I poked through our reference library for a suitable looking work to explain […]