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SAR-21 Photos

Last week we posted a video on the Singapore SAR-21, and today we have some very nice detailed photos of the gun’s internals for you to check out while we’re gone at SHOT. So, courtesy of Eric:

Bullpup comparison: FN2000 (top), SAR-21 (center), Steyr AUG (bottom)

Bolt carrier, bolt, cam pin, and firing […]

Shooting the Singapore Technologies SAR-21

We lucked into a chance to disassemble and shoot a pretty rare black rifle recently – an SAR-21 bullpup made by Singapore Technologies (and this is why we take a camera everywhere we go). Singapore is another one of those countries with an impressive arms industry that most folks don’t know about, and the SAR-21 […]

Ultimax 100 manual

The Ultimax 100 was designed in the late 1970s in Singapore as a lightweight squad automatic weapon. It’s a gas-operated design, with special attention paid to reducing felt recoil. The receiver is longer than most similar guns, and a carefully calibrated recoil spring prevents the bolt from contacting the back end of the receiver. We’ve […]