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Warsaw Uprising Bergmann 1910/21


I was sent those photos by reader Marcus K (thanks, Marcus!) showing a pistol in the Polish Home Army Museum in Krakow. The gun is a Bergmann M1910/21 semiauto pistol which has been modified in a couple ways – allegedly by fighters during the Warsaw Uprising.

The main modifications are pretty obvious – the […]

Vintage Saturday: The Mustache is Mightier than the Machine Gun

Polish soldier on the line near Gazala, Libya - February 1942

Anyone who has watched Clint Eastwood movies knows what’s coming with a squint like that.

Polish soldier on the line near Gazala, Libya – February 1942. Armed with a Browning M1919A4 and a Boys AT rifle in the truck as well.


Vintage Saturday: Antitank Rifle

German soldier with a captured Polish Maroszek wz.35 anti-tank rifle

Conquering France with Polish guns

German soldier in France with a captured Polish Maroszek wz.35 anti-tank rifle.

Film Review: Generation War (Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter)

Generation War originally came out two years ago as a three-part German television miniseries, and I only found out about it recently. It has been described as a German Band of Brothers, but that misses some of the nuance. The story follows a group of five childhood friends from 1941 until the defeat of Germany […]

Presentation Walther VG-1 (Video)

We took a look at this rifle with a few photos a while back, but I do now have some video of it as well – a VG-1 last ditch rifle with an inlaid plaque presented to the Volkssturm leader of the Wartheland district of Poland, one Arthur Grieser (convicted of war crimes and hanged […]

Vintage Saturday: Government Shutdown

Sixty-nine years ago the residents of Warsaw, beset by two evil political extremes, were working hard on a government shutdown of their own.

Note the assortment of arms – a Polish variant of the BAR, a Mauser rifle, Luger pistol, and what appears to be a Mauser 1910/1914/1934 pistol.


Warsaw Uprising

I normally have a book review on Thursday, but this week I’m pushing it to Friday. I meant to post this yesterday, but lost track of the date – which, 69 years ago, was the day when the final Polish forces in Warsaw surrendered to the German occupiers, thus ending the Warsaw Uprising.

The Uprising […]

Vintage Saturday: Faye Schulman

“We must not fear our enemies, it is for them to fear us” – Faye Schulman (second from left – click to see full size)

Faye Schulman was born in the small Polish town of Lenin in 1919 to a large Jewish family. After the German attack on Russia, the town was […]

Polish Resistance Sten Copy

To wrap up our week of semi-mystery guns, we have today a Sten gun copy made by the Polish Resistance. The gun’s owner didn’t have any details about its origin, and I have been unable to find any reference to it either. The gun is marked on the trigger housing and receiver endcap “BATHAU […]

A Tantalean Ordeal


How the Poles Got to Have their Small-Caliber Kalashnikov Made “My Way”

We don’t often talk about modern weapons here, but the Polish wz.88 “Tantal” is moving quickly towards obscurity.Rendered obsolete by logistics nearly the moment is was ready for service, the story behind the Tantal is one of technical success […]