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Nepalese Gahendra lineage

As you may recall, I picked up a Nepalese “Gahendra” rifle from IMA as a gunsmithing project, which turned out to be more complicated than I’d planned on. Well, I’ve been doing a bit of looking into the origin of these rifles – the look superficially like Martinis, but aren’t. Common theory on the ‘net […]

Gahendra Gunsmithing Gets More Complicated

A little while back, I picked up a Gahendra rifle from IMA – the plan was to clean it up, make sure it was in safe firing condition, and do some shooting with it.

Gahendra "Martini" (image from IMA)

Well, we finally got a chance to really get started on it this past weekend. […]

Book Review: Guns of the Ghurkas / Treasure is Where You Find it

Today we’re looking at two books on the subject of Nepalese firearms. The video goes a bit longer than usual, but the story behind these books is a really cool one – a lost time capsule of thousands of firearms showcasing 150 years of arms development.

The Gahendra rifle we got from IMA to […]