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The Best Pedal-Powered Vehicle Ever

This really has to be the most awesome pedal-powered vehicle ever built:

On the move…

Set up and ready…

In action!

I don’t know the background on the tricycle, but the Maxim guns are very rare air-cooled lightweight models. Like this one:

Lightweight Maxim in .303 caliber

Ultimately they weren’t light […]

Vintage Saturday: Serbian Maxim

What is it with eastern Europeans and standard-issue mustaches?

Vintage Saturday: Desperation

Drinking from a Maxim water jacket

Tomorrow is Armistice Day, and we should all take a few quiet moments to reflect on the nature of war. For all its glamorization, war is the tragic and cruel destruction of life and we should make damn sure it is only undertaken when the alternatives are even […]

Vintage Saturday: More Firepower

It’s hard to argue with the Russian philosophy of, “When in doubt, add more machine guns”

An AA quad Maxim emplacement in Moscow, circa 1942.

Vintage Saturday: For Queen and Country

Remember, chaps…whatever happens, we have got the Maxim gun, and they have not. (click to enlarge)

I am not familiar with this style of handy card table Maxim mount.


Vintage Saturday: Battle-Scarred Maxim

Well, it's in better shape than a Maxim made by Century…

ABC’s of Machine Guns

Here’s another neat manual – A.B.C du Mitrailleu – the ABCs of Machine Guns. This was published in 1917 (the fifth edition, anyway) in French, and does a nice job showing all the most useful information on each of the major mounted machine guns being used at the time. It includes the MG08 Maxim, 1909 […]

Vintage Saturday: Russian 1910 Maxim

Soldiers pulling a Russian 1910 Maxim into position on a wheeled Sokolov mount

Ah, the Sokolov mount. Designed, I have no doubt, when the leading medical studies urged you to lift with your back instead of your legs.


Vintage Saturday – Russian Partisans with a Maxim

Russians Partisans with a Maxim gun

I don’t envy that kid having to fire that M38…

Vintage Saturday – German Maxims on the Line

This is why charging across No Man's Land is a really bad idea