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Flapper Locking video

By request, today we’re going to look at one of the less common locking systems used in firearms design: flapper locking. The idea was first patented by a Swede named Friberg in 1870, but a practical rifle was not built on the design until the 1907 Kjellman. (the Mauser 06/08 pistol was also developed at […]

Lugers and Mausers and Suppressors (oh my!)

Back when I reviewed Geoffrey Sturgess’ recently released Luger compendium, I had mentioned that it came with a neat documentary on the development of the Luger. The film is 74 minutes long, and is geared towards the casual firearms enthusiast, rather than the dedicated Luger student – it’s a very approachable and well produced piece, […]

Vintage Saturday: La Decena Tragica

I don’t think these two jóvenes have ever been in combat before

La Decena Tragica (the Tragic Ten) is the common name for the ten days in February 1913 when Mexican president Francisco Madero was deposed and executed by military coup.


Mauser Gewehr 41(M) Manual

Last week, we posted a video on the Gewehr 41(W), which was the first really mass produced German self-loading combat rifle. Well, when the Heereswaffenamt (German ordnance department) requested designs for what would become the G41, both Mauser and Walther submitted samples. The Walther version was ultimately accepted, but intially several thousand of both types […]

C96 “Broomhandle” Mauser

Tuesday is normally a day I get to yakking about some gun-related subject, but I’m pretty beat form a long day and nothing is coming to mind that seems like it would be of interest to anyone. So instead I will leave you with this excellent series of photos of the Mauser 1896 “Broomhandle” pistol, […]

German Infantry Weapons (World War II)

A little while back, we posted a US military booklet on Japanese Infantry Weapons from WWII, and today we have a similar booklet on German Infantry Weapons of WWII (also thanks to our friend Hrachya). In addition to the standard small arms (Luger, Walther, Mauser K98k, MP40, MG34, MG42), this 200-page pamphlet also includes descriptions […]

Fiocchi Ammo Catalog and a New Sponsor

We are happy to announce that we have added Berger Bullets as one of the official sponsors of Forgotten Weapons. Berger makes an excellent lineup of match-grade bullets for competition, hunting, and tactical use. They are a favorite of serious competitive shooters, and will serve you very well whether you are dropping prairie dogs at […]

Mauser HSc

The HSc was Mauser’s attempt to compete with the highly successful Walther PP design. Development began in 1934, and was ready for mass production in 1938. The German Arms Bureau did not allow production to begin until 1940, however, as it wanted Mauser to focus on production of military contracts.

Mauser HSc cutaway view


Vintage Saturday – C96 Mauser in the field

Also note the extra-tactical single point sling.

Mauser Showdown at the Range – C96, Carbine, and Schnellfeuer

I’ve been promising this range video for a while now, and here it is. We took all three configurations of the C96 Broomhandle Mauser – a pistol, a carbine, and a machine pistol – out to the range for some comparisons.

The Mauser pistol we used was a fairly standard model – a commercial […]