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Richard Wray Machine Gun Auction Followup

So, the auction of the late Richard Wray’s machine gun collection (see previous post) was yesterday, with the non-NFA guns being auctioned today. The final prices are interesting to look at, with some wallet-wrenchingly high and some great deals – at least for folks who are into the unusual.

Basically, the key was to be [...]

Vintage Saturday: Italians in the Snow

Bad news, Marino – you’re shipping out to the Eastern Front. And worse news; we’re giving you a Breda.

Italian soldiers on the Russian Front, with a Breda M30 machine gun and a Carcano carbine. Thanks to Max Popenker for the photo!


Vintage Saturday: Unsure

This guy doesn’t look all that impressed with his Johnson LMG…

Forcemen of 5-2, First Special Service Force, with an M1941 Johnson light machine gun on the Anzio beachhead, Italy, April 1944. They are in the process of disassembling (or reassembling) the gun. Thanks to Michael G. for sending the photo!


Additional Photos: Orita

I had a different post planned for today, but Michael Heidler sent me some additional photos of the recently-discussed Orita submachine guns that ought to be shared. They are both of the second model, but have slightly different grip safety styles:

[singlepic id=3229 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[nggallery id=183]

Thanks Michael!

Note: If you saw this [...]

The TZ-45: Italy’s Late-War SMG with a Special Safety

Today’s article is another guest piece from Michael Heidler, author of several very useful books for the collector. This time, he is taking a look at the Italian TZ-45 submachine gun, and it’s unusual implementation of a magazine safety:

The TZ-45: Italy’s Late-War SMG with a Special Safety

by Michael Heidler

Italy and [...]

.455 Villar Perosa Photos

Italy has produced some fine guns, but they also have a pretty impressive collection of really poorly thought out ones, like the Fiat-Revelli M1914 and the 1915 Villar Perosa. The latter was basically a very simple delayed blowback, open-bolt 9mm Glisenti submachine gun mounted in tandem with a bipod and spade grips. It wasn’t really [...]

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

You may have seen this video on YouTube – it got a bit of buzz when it came out a few months ago:

Well, Arsenal (no relation to Arsenal Bulgaria/Arsenal USA of AK fame) has an enormous banner at SHOT this year, and they have both the “Second Century” Siamese 1911 and their “Strike [...]

Lercker machine pistol

We don’t have very much information on today’s forgotten weapon, which is an Italian machine pistol designed by a gunsmith named Lercker. He worked for Beretta, but also had his own shop, where he designed this pistol.

Lercker machine pistol (click to enlarge)

What makes this design unusual is that it’s chambered for the [...]

Comparison Video: MP41 & Beretta 38/44

We had the chance to shoot a couple of the lesser-known submachine guns used in World War II, a German MP41 and an Italian Beretta 38/44. Both are pretty typically submachine guns, firing 9mm Luger from open bolts with fixed firing pins and simple blowback actions. They both have solid wood stocks (the MP41 is [...]

Italian Cei-Rigotti self-loader

We have blogged about the Cei-Rigotti before, but I figured I’d do a re-cap on it, considering the new information we’ve found on its caliber. I’ve also uploaded a gallery of photos of the rifle and its parts, which you can see at the bottom of this post (and on the new Cei-Rigotti page in [...]