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Great Article on the Dror LMG


Terry Edwards has graciously offered to let me repost the excellent article he wrote for Small Arms Defense Journal. It’s a two part PDF, and I have posted both parts below.

If you are interested in this little-known developmental side track of the Johnson LMG, you should definitely have a look – and the same […]

Israeli Dror LMG: Shooting & Disassembly (Video)

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 5.20.37 AM

The Dror was an Israeli copy of the Johnson LMG, which was made domestically in Israel as part of Israel’s war of independence in the late 1940s. The design was developed through a combination of reverse engineering a Johnson LMG (clandestinely, in a New York hotel room) and technical data leaked to the Haganah by […]

FFV-890C: The Swedish Service Rifle That Never Was


Seth Cane has previously written a 3-part series of articles for us on the Galil, which you can see here: Galil SAR, Galil AR, and Galil ARM. He is now following that with an in-depth piece on the Swedish trials of the Galil. Thanks, Seth!

For folks interested in the Galil, Seth has also produced […]

Galil SAR

Guatemalan Special Forces soldier with Galil SAR

Today we have the third and final part of Seth Cane’s guest post series on Galil rifles. You can find the first two parts here: Galil AR and Galil ARM.

by Seth Cane

The Galil SAR next to the AR variant in an early catalog, both in 7.62mm. This model has a 16 Inch […]

Reader Questions: Rusty Pistols, Artillery Shells, Colombian Mausers, and Israeli Translations

Today I’m answering some questions sent in last week – I think this will be a fun and interesting regular feature for the site. If you have a question you’ve been wondering about, please email it to me, and I’ll see if I can get you an answer for the next Reader Questions column! I […]

Galil AR, by Seth Cane

Today we have the second of a three-part guest series by Seth Cane on the Galil rifle. Today he looks at the Galil AR…

Galil AR

by Seth Cane

Galil AR

The Galil AR was the standard-infantry model of the Galil produced by IMI. The AR was, in a nutshell, a down-sized ARM model. […]

Galil ARM

Today’s article is a guest post by Seth Cane, on the development of the Galil ARM…

The Galil ARM

by Seth Cane

The Galil rifle began life in the late 1960’s. The Six Day War of 1967 made apparent the need for a more rugged, versatile and low-maintenance service rifle to the IDF after experiences […]

Israeli 7.62mm Conversion

I was looking at a particularly nice FN Israeli Mauser the other day; one of their rifles converted to 7.62mm NATO:

Israeli FN Mauser in 7.62mm NATO

I was admiring the condition (much better than the one of these I have in my own collection), when the owner suggested that I take a closer […]

How Governments Choose Weapons: Israel

I recently got an email from Clément, asking about the choices Israel has made in small arms for the IDF. Why did they switch from the FAL to the Galil? And then why take M16s to replace the Galil? Isn’t the Galil a more reliable rifle, and what was wrong with the FAL in the […]

Vintage Saturday: Wood-Spoked Technical

The grandfather of today’s super-tactical recon dune buggies.

British soldiers with a Lewis-gun-armed truck in Palestine. Photo courtesy of reader Ruy A. Thanks, Ruy!