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Upcoming Coolness

Sorry guys – I don’t have a book review for you today – I’ve spent most of the last week hanging out with Oleg Volk working on a cool video project. However, I would point out (if you haven’t found it already) that we do have a page over on the left side of the […]

MG13 manual (in Spanish)

German machine gun designations are pretty easy to understand – the two digit number is the year of adoption. MG34? 1934. MG08/15? 1908, and modified in 1915. Easy, until you stumble over the MG13, adopted in 1932.Imagine that you are the Wehrmacht, and your wife is the Allied commission in charge of enforcing Versailles arms […]

Gerät 03 Disassembly Video

Today we have a disassembly video for you – we were fortunate enough to be given access to one of the very few Gerät 03 rifles ever made. The Gerät 03 was the first effective roller-locked shoulder rifle, built essentially by replacing the operating mechanism of a Gewehr 43 rifle. It was originally intended to […]