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Swedish Kulspruta m/36

The Swedish military started using the Browning machine gun design shortly after World War I, and chose it initially because its closed-bolt design made it simple to synchronize with an aircraft propeller. About 170 commercial 1919 models were purchased from Colt for aerial use. They were effective and well-liked guns, and by 1929 the Swedish […]

Visit to FN Herstal

Forgotten Weapons is currently in the midst of a 3-week European tour, and yesterday we were very fortunate to be able to tour the facility at FN Herstal. For folks who aren’t familiar with the company, FN worked extensively with John Browning for many years, producing many of his iconic designs. Browning had an office […]

Model 1917 Machine Gun Cart

Are you looking for a good gift for the gun nut in your life who already has everything? Or perhaps you are the gun nut with everything, and you need a new project to undertake? Well, we have just the thing. It’s cool, useful (assuming you have a water-cooled HMG and a horse), historically interesting, […]

FN Model D (BAR)

The FN Model D was the most fully developed variant of the venerable Browning Automatic Rifle. Introduced in 1932 by Fabrique Nationale (with whom Browning had collaborated extensively prior to his death in 1926), the FN-D had a number of significant improvements over the standard BAR. It used a pistol grip instead of a traditional […]

French 1923 LMG Trials Report

In 1923, the French military held a light machine gun trial to choose a weapon to replace the CSRG Chauchat. The trials involved weapons evaluations both by an expert committee and by 9 regiments testing the guns in field conditions. The guns submitted for testing were:

Browning BAR St Etienne (we are not sure which […]

Browning 1897 Rotating-Barrel Pistol

In 1897, John M. Browning was awarded four consecutive patents, which covered a big swath of possible automatic pistol designs. The one we’re looking at today (pointed out to me by Rufus at SHOT – thanks!) is number 580,925, which pertains to a rotating-barrel lockup system. Yep, Browning patented that 15 years before the rotating-barrel […]

Vintage Saturday: Colt 1895 on a Cart

I’m having some trouble figuring out the expression on this soldier’s face…is he disdainful of the photographer? Or just tired of dragging the gun around?

In any case, my experience taking machine guns to the range makes me think that it’s a real shame this kind of mount is obsolete. It’s got a seat […]

Video Book Review: Textbook of Automatic Pistols

Every pile of dusty old books you find at a gun show has a zillion reprints of Cartridges of the World and how-to pamphlets on stock refinishing from 1960. But occasionally you’ll find a real gem in those piles – and this book is one of the gems. Written by R.K. Wilson and published […]